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Digital Multi Control

Quattro system with 2 AC sources

If your system contains one or more Quattros, setup is easy. Simply connect the control panel to the VE.Bus system (refer to the Inverter/charger connection chapter), and it will automatically adapt to the system.

You probably will not need to adjust any settings in the control panel. In a Quattro setup, the AC1 input takes precedence over the AC2 input. By default, the AC2 input current limit can be overridden by the remote panel, while the AC1 input current limit remains fixed (this can be altered in the Quattro settings).

A common setup involves connecting a generator to the AC1 input and grid power to the AC2 input. While the generator runs, the control panel shows "AC1," and the know can not alter the AC1 input current limit. Once the generator stops and shore power is active, the panel toggles between "AC2" and the AC current value. Turning the knob will alter the AC2 input current limit.

To cap the maximum settable current, adjust the "Upper shore limit for AC input 2" parameter. For details, see the Upper AC input limit 1 to 4 chapter, and refer to the Special display feature chapter to stop the display from toggling between "AC2" and the AC input current value.