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Digital Multi Control

Special display feature

Consider this scenario:

You have an inverter/charger system with two AC inputs, namely generator and shore power. You want to prioritise the generator over shore power. You connect the generator to AC input 1 and shore power to AC input 2. You do not want the user to alter the generator AC input limit, so in the inverter/charger settings, you disable the "overruled by remote" setting for AC input 1, and enable it for AC input 2.

The control panel will behave as follows:

  • When the generator is active, the control panel displays "AC1".

  • When the generator stopped and shore power is active, the panel alternates between displaying "AC2" and the current limit for AC2. Yet, this alternating display might not match your preferences.

To resolve this:

A simpler approach is to show just the current limit value when AC input 2 is active. This is enough to indicate the switch to shore power. To achieve this, set all but one of the upper AC input limit parameters to zero. In this example, the limits for AC1, AC3 and AC4 should be set to zero. This adjustment eliminates the unwanted alternating behavior.