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PV Modules

A real world comparison between Mono, Poly, PERC and Dual PV Modules.

Realtime data
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Installation date: 09-03-2020


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


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Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --


2500Wp --
Total solar yield: --

* This is a field test and the results are specific for this installation on this location, please research which is the best solution for your own situation as the results can be different based on environmental influences.

North America Training Trailer – Installers react

A couple of weeks back we heard from DIY visitors to the Training Trailer. This week let’s get feedback from some of the many hundreds of installers who have taken time out to attend one of the training events as it passed through their area.

Installers work at the cutting edge – listening to customer needs, and then selecting and programming Victron products so that they exceed expectations!

Training Trailer

The Training Trailer is fitted out with seven power systems, typical of those you’ll find on RVs – large and small; Marine; Off Grid; and some which demonstrate battery management and monitoring.

Experts on hand, it’s touring the North American continent attracting professional installers of Victron Energy products, and offering Open Days where enthusiastic DIYers can ask about anything they’d like to know. If you would like to attend the training you’ll find a booking link at the end of this article.

This video will give you a great idea of what to expect on the Training Trailer – meet some of the professionals, and see what is waiting for you on board.

Axmen – Guy Hansen

Guy Hanson’s company Axmen specialise in off-grid and outdoor products. Guy has the reputation of being an innovator, for whom nothing is impossible. He says:

“When the chance arose to spend some time and immerse myself in the world of Victron, I grabbed the opportunity. The trailer was incredible, with a multitude of learning modules designed to illustrate actual live installations.

Guy and his son, erecting a building.

“In my 48 years running retail establishments, I have endured thousands of training sessions. This training was remarkable because I heard authentic, enthused, intelligent people, who never stumbled or backtracked. They delivered valuable and detailed information tailored to their individual trainee in a language they could follow. I learned simple things that I am embarrassed to admit I didn’t already know. And I learned complex things that I was equally surprised made perfect sense.

“Victron is a world apart from any other product I have used. The level of integration and the out-of-the-box level of potential complexity are unique. I said potential complexity because this product can be as simple as you wish, but the ability to go beyond is built-in and readily available. 

“The company culture is as unique and value-packed as the product. As you get to know these guys, you just can’t help but be impressed.”

Mountain Ethos – Ryan Broussard

Ryan Broussard is President and CEO of Mountain Ethos – carrying out adventure van conversions in the Denver area. He says:

“We recently moved all of our primary electrical components over to the Victron system so I had a few motivations for visiting the Trailer Training – including meeting and networking with the Victron team. I didn’t realize that Nate @Explorist.Life was a Victron ambassador, but was pleasantly surprised to see him. We’ve used his website as a resource in addition to Victron’s website.

“I found it was a great opportunity to learn more about potential new products and features from Victron that I previously was not aware of. We are committing to Victron products for all of the primary electrical components in our van conversions, and I’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen – being relatively new to the platform. I’ll certainly invite customers to future events.

“I remember my first impression was that I was shocked at how many people showed up. I knew Victron had a big following – but this exceeded my expectations. If I remember correctly, even more people showed up than the event was originally planned for. But I was happy to see Victron and Colorado Standby were able to accommodate everyone, and I thought it was very well organized.

“When I learned about the capabilities of the Cerbo GX and GX LTE 4G and the ability to remotely monitor, I really knew my visit was going to be worthwhile. We are considering expanding into adventure van rentals and the ability to remotely monitor and potentially geofence offers a lot of added value.

“I found that the training day opened up new possibilities. I came away better educated on Victron products. In addition to learning more about the capabilities of the Cerbo GX, I received clarification on roughly a dozen other points about various Victron devices. I also learned more about how to use the online Victron resources – such as .STP files so that I can import Victron products into my cabinetry and vehicle design files for an exact view of how the components fit together in the spaces that I design.

“All in all, I’m more connected to the Victron team and have a better understanding of their business model, product capabilities, and ways to improve our electrical system.”

Ryan Broussard with a new electrical cabinet design that he specifically built based on the sizing of Victron components.

Instagram: @mountainethos

Pinnacle Innovations – David Flather

David Flather is currently working seven days a week to fulfil customer orders but took time out to visit the Trailer Training and had a great experience. He has been involved in electronics ever since the age of 6 when his Grandfather taught him how to splice wires. He says:

“I still have the wire cutters that he gave me back then and use them regularly. Over the years my fascination with electronics only grew and I learned a lot from watching others along the way – both the right and wrong way to do things. I honed my knowledge and skills mostly on my own projects including car restorations, extensive electrical customization on show vehicles as well as on powerboats. Whether my projects are marine, RV or industrial, I use the codes and best practices outlined in the very comprehensive ABYC marine code.

“In recent years I have discovered that Victron Energy has been very successful in creating a suite of networkable products – demanded by many clients they offer value-added technology, plus the capability for future expansion. This is important as some of our clients’ present electrical system requirements are likely to grow in the future. So for me, scalability and adaptability of electrical system components is very important.

Pinnacle’s efforts are directed at Lithium battery technology and naturally along the way we’ve learned what electronic systems work well with lithium battery technologies. This included a fairly broad spectrum of both load and charging devices – such as solar controllers, inverter-chargers, DC generators and so on.

Pinnacle Innovations was founded in 1998 and we take pride in the excellence of the products that we offer, and in our customer service. As every project seems to have unique aspects, we take a ‘Total Systems Approach’ to identify all the variables, understand the needs and propose the best possible system for customer’s budgets.

Pinnacle specializes not just in marine and RV energy systems (including clean energy systems) but we also frequently work on industrial and commercial/ military/ recreational electric marine propulsion projects.

David Flather working on a 19′ off-road RV trailer (inset) fitted with 1100 Watts of solar, MultiPlus and SmartSolar MPPTs, SmartShunt and 400Ah of lithium batteries.

Book yourself a place on the Victron Energy North America Trailer Training

Have a look at the Trailer Training tour dates and destinations. When the Trailer comes to a location near you, don’t miss the opportunity to book your place. You will receive a warm welcome – and the time you invest will be well rewarded.

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