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West Africa: Victron Energy off-grid solar power conferences & training

Victron Energy is not all about the manufacture of power electronics products.

For instance Victron also organise conferences in West Africa (and many other locations) on a regular basis. These half-day events are designed for decision-makers from both the public and private organisations involved in renewable energy. Typical audiences includes members from ministries, rural electrification agencies, energy regulators, private companies, international corporations, investment funds, research centres, NGOs, etc.

Since 2017 conferences have been hold in Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Senegal. More than 200 participants in total have attended these series of conferences. During these events different questions are addressed such as :

• How an off-grid solar system works?
• What are the applications of these plants?
• What are the good practices in design and operation for a viable project?
• What are the technical and economic trends in the market?

The scope includes systems and application from solar home systems to PV mini grids. References in multiple sectors from Victron Energy distributors in West Africa are shown throughout the presentation such as health, education, rural electrification, commercial, industrial and residential etc. The general objectives of the conferences are:

• To communicate about Victron Energy (history, products, value, activities, footprint in Africa).
• To share Victron Energy extensive experience in African solar market.
• To provide decision makers with concrete know-how to help design and operate systems.
• To discuss new technologies and business models coming to market.

A short video to give you a flavour of these conferences.

A 3-day technical training is always organised in parallel with a conference. More than 250 technicians from SMEs and larger businesses have participated in these training events over the last 2 years, focusing on sizing, configuration and monitoring of Victron Energy systems. Theoretical knowledge is shared in the morning whilst a hands-on workshop for Victron products is completed in the afternoon.

Training in Mali 2017

There are more events to come in many locations througout the world. If that is of interest, why not sign up to Victron Professional and see what is available in your area:

In the meantime thanks to all our previous participants in West Africa and we look forward to welcoming you and new participants at future events.

Yoann Le Fol
Victron Energy Sales Manager
West & Central Africa, Madagascar, Comoros

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