Venus v2.08 – Fixes Energy Meter ET340 bug

Good day, just now we have released Venus v2.08.

First let me explain what is Venus. Venus is the name of the software that runs on both the Venus GX and the Color Control GX. This software update is available for both devices. So, Venus is software, and the Venus GX is hardware.

All Color Control GX-es and Venus GX-es that are part of an ESS install and which are using the ET340 meter must be updated to this version.

v2.08 has only two changes:

  1. Fix bug related to the ET340 Energy Meter when used in an ESS System: the reported direction of the current and power measurements was always ‘buying’. Even when selling/feeding back to the grid. Thanks you Morten and Thomas for reporting this issue.
  2. When using the L2 of a three phase meter to measure the output of a single phase PV inverter, the device list would always show ‘Disconnected’. Even though it was connected and also all values were properly being shown. This has been fixed, thank you Anco for reporting.

See update instructions for details.

Have a good day, Matthijs

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