CCGX v1.74: Automatic pump starting and MQTT

Good afternoon,

Color Control GX firmware version v1.74 has been released. It contains two principal changes:

Pump auto start/stop

  • Fixes the auto start/stop functionality. For more information about this feature, see the manual.


  • Reduce load on authentication server for
  • Add keep-alive mechanism: only send data when someone is listening. Reduces traffic as well as server load.

Note: from now on it’s necessary to send a keep alive, as without it the CCGX will not send any data updates. More info in the dbus-mqtt/ on github.

Installing the update

By default, a CCGX will automatically download and install this new firmware version via the Internet. For a manual update, follow instructions here.

In case of any questions or issues, please let us know in the comments below.

Best regards,