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Pump auto start/stop with Color Control GX


The CCGX has a relay - switch - which can automatically start a pump. The switch is triggered by 'tank level' data, received from a tank-sender. The level at which the switch is automatically tripped is user-definable.

Boat & Motorhome overview

An additional Overview page is available which shows at-a-glance status information from all tanks connected to the CCGX. To enable the tank overview page from the main menu go to: Settings → Display and language → Show boat and motorhome overview. You will now find that 'Mobile' has been added to CCGX 'homepage showing: 'Overview' and 'Tiles'.

It is also posible to change Multi/Quattro AC current limit and mode when those functions are available.

Enable pump start/stop

To enable the pump start/stop functionality go to Settings →Relay; and set the function to “Tank pump”.


Once enabled the tank pump configuration page will be found at: Main Menu →Settings →Tank pump.


  • Auto: Start and stop the pump based on level settings
  • On: Pump always on
  • Off: Pump always off

Tank sensor

Select which sensor will be monitored to start/stop the pump when the “Auto” mode is enabled.

Pump auto-start levels

Start level: When the tank level reaches this value the pump will be started.

Stop level: When the tank level reaches this value the pump will be stopped.

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