Important firmware update for SmartSolar Chargers

We recently released a firmware update for our SmartSolar Chargers. This fix is especially important for all 150V and 250V SmartSolar Charger models. The BlueSolar Charger range is not affected.

The new v1.37 firmware fixes a problem that can, in certain cases, cause the device to fail.

If you notice that your Solar Charger is no longer charging the batteries; or, in the case of larger models, it is behaving erratically – then the hardware has already failed and the unit will need to be replaced, as by that stage it will be too late to apply the firmware fix.

This update will prevent the failure from occurring.

How should I update my firmware?

For systems on the VRM Portal; you can use the new remote firmware update feature.

For details, see the VRM Remote Firmware Update manual.

Using VictronConnect to do the update

Standalone Solar Chargers can be updated with VictronConnect; the recently released version 5.1 will automatically update all solar chargers to v1.37. Here’s a video for that and documentation is available here.


Our apologies for any inconvience caused. In case a Solar Charger did fail; it will of course be replaced under warranty. It is not a guarantee that they’ll fail without this firmware update; nearly all SmartSolar Chargers have been happily charging and doing their work for years. But, they can fail; so therefore we strongly recommend dealers to inform their customers; and make sure everybody updates his or her SmartSolar Charger.

Matthijs Vader

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