Venus OS v2.22 – Octo GX & small fixes

Good morning,

Just now we’ve released a new version of Venus OS – the software which controls the Color Control GX, Venus GX and Octo GX.

Most importantly, Version v2.22 marks the completion of the new Octo GX. Further more it has a few small fixes:

  • Fix that the ‘Inverter AC output in use’-setting was visible when it should not be; and the other way around. This bug was introduced in v2.20; and fixed thanks to Meisl in Germany.
  • Venus GX & Octo GX: fix the Wi-Fi interface Mac addresses; now they no longer swap across reboots, which makes the IP address assignments stable.
  • Fix a bug that occasionally caused for the VRM device-authorisation token to get lost during generation. This showed up to the user as a popup in VRM ‘Error, xx hours ago, data from an unauthenticated device has been received for this installation’. In such a case, VRM logging still worked, while MQTT based services such as remote firmware update & remote VEConfigure no longer worked. All sites that have that issue have been fixed; there is no need to worry about anything for your running system.
  • Send the value of the Shared Voltage Sense setting (on/off) to the VRM portal, for diagnostics.

New: GX Product Family Overview

That is all when it comes to v2.22. I do have something else to announce, which is the GX Product Family document. All available Venus-devices are listed side by side in a table that compares them; and also all available accessories are listed.

How to update

You can find information about how to install this the new version of Venus OS here. For the full changelog, visit Victron Professional.

Have a good day!

Matthijs Vader

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