Venus v2.14

Good afternoon!

Venus OS version v2.14 was released just now. It brings various stability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Fix the demo mode. It was broken in v2.12
  • Fix Multi/Quattro Input current limit reset bug. Firmware versions 415 and later were affected. When the Multi was switched “off” and switched back “on” within 10 seconds the input current limit settings would reset to a previous value. Bug was introduced in v2.09. Thank you Jeff and others for helping to pin this down.
  • Fix sending the Fronius model name to VRM. Bug was introduced in v2.12.
  • Fix VE Power Setup showing Error 30 in certain conditions during Remote VEConfigure operation. Bug was introduced in v2.12.
  • Change the BMU firmware version as shown on VRM for BYD, Sony, LG, and other intelligent CAN bus connected batteries. The GUI and VRM now show the same version.
  • Add HighChargeTemperature and LowChargeTemperature alarms; only relevant for some CAN bus BMS connected intelligent batteries.
  • Add sending digital input and pulse meter data to the VRM Portal. Note that they are currently only visible in the download page; there is no proper visualisation made yet.

DVCC enabled only:

  • Improve BYD operation when the battery is full (CCL=0 behaviour).

Venus GX only:

  • Fix PV-Inverter scanning. Thank you Eon and others for helping to pin this down.

Raspberry Pi only:

  • Fix Restore backup firmware feature (Settings -> Firmware).


Please refer to the update instructions for how to update.

In the meantime; our team is already working hard on the features for the next version. Which might include scheduled charge & discharging for ESS systems. As well as much improved remote firmware updates and VEConfigure. More on that soon.

Note that the full changelog is available for download on Victron Professional.

Have a good day,


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