VictronConnect v2.0

Good day! The highlights of this new version are the Bluetooth related Android 6.0 and Samsung Galaxy S5 improvements. Getting that right was quite a headache for our software designers, not to mention the number of phones we had to buy to test and figure out all the growing nuances. But, that is all water under the bridge now: I can report that most and hopefully all Android issues have been solved!



  • New VE.Direct Smart Bluetooth dongle firmware version 2.09. Fixes issues with Galaxy S5 and likely many other phones.
  • Improve updating and connecting for Android 6.
  • Add reset PIN code by entering a PUK code. This option is accessible by doing a long press on the desired product on the discovery page on a phone/tablet, or right click on desktop. This feature is only available on some products.
  • Color Control GX log to *.xlsx: Include units in column.

BlueSolar MPPT:

  • New v1.19 firmware update included as a mandatory update.
  • Add a switch to enable/disable equalization, no need to set equalization values to zero anymore.
  • Add temperature compensation setting. Check the VictronConnect manual to know how it works.
  • Fixed a bug that made the streetlight functionality stop working after toggling the on/off switch. The problem was that the “Switch lights on at sunset” event is disabled when streetlight functionality is set to off but it is not enabled again till the “At sunset” setting is modified by the user. This fix also detects if the issue is present on the configuration and automatically fixes it when opening the streetlight settings page.

Blue Smart Charger IP65:

  • Improved page layout on desktop platforms.
  • New v2.03 firmware included:
    • Reduce connection problems, esp. in combination with Android 6.
    • Fixes issues with Galaxy S5 and probably some other phones.
    • Added identifications: LEDs blink for 2 seconds when connecting.

Best regards,

Matthijs Vader

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