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BlueSolar MPPTs: v1.16 VE.Direct firmware available

MPPT VE.Direct firmware v1.16 is now available for BlueSolar MPPTs 75-10, 70-15, 75-15, 100-15, 100-30, 75-50, 100-50 and 150-35.

v1.16. changes include streetlight control improvements, 30-day history logging and more. Please note that read out improvements are planned for a pending CCGX firmware release.

Here is the change log:

v1.16 – 1 May 2015

For configuration, make sure you use the latest version of mpptprefs, available from:

 Changes for all models mentioned above are:

Added 30 day historical data logging: the parameters below are stored for every day, for up to 30 days previously. A read-out is already possible with mpptdump.exe; see BitTorrent Sync. In mid June we plan to release the CCGX firmware version that supports the 30-day history readout.

Extended the overall historical log, it now monitors:

Added automatic equalization mode. Automatic equalization mode can be configured to perform equalization once every few days. Use mpptprefs.exe for configuration.

The premature end of absorption (charge current below 1A for the 15A models and 2A for the larger models) additionally checks that the MPPT tracker is not active (so the current drop is not caused by lack of irradiance, but by a full battery).

 Changes for models with load output (75/10, 75/15 and 100/15):

Lighting controller (timer) functionality updates:

How to update?

Update using VE Power Setup. This program is available for download at

Special hardware, the VE.Direct to USB interface (part number ASS030530000), is required.

 What version do I have?

There are several ways to see the firmware version:

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