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VRM Portal: Share your VRM site with a read only URL

Share  your VRM site

Now you can share your Victron Remote Management (VRM) site with your friends on a read only web address, so only those you share the web address with can view (but not change) your site. Here is how.

In the image above you can see a green ‘Share’ button at the top right. Click that button in your site.

Choose the green ‘Copy’ button in the pop up box which will follow. This copies the address to your clipboard, so you can paste it with your mouse or keyboard into an email, for example.

Future developments

As explained in a previous post, the VRM site evolves by a process of continuous integration. There are many ideas being worked on. One we may see in the near future is a public map, giving users the option to publicize their site on it. More ideas by Andreas Kriwanek, are shown on the Victron Live ideas page:

We hope you like the ongoing improvements and if you have ideas you’d like to see implemented, please comment below or on the Victron Live page above.

If you are not familiar with Victron Remote Management you can always try the Demo, accessed from this page:

John Rushworth


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