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Cerbo GX Manual

18. Reset to factory defaults and Venus OS reinstall

In this section:

18.2. Venus OS reinstall

Use this when the procedure described in Reset to factory defaults procedure doesn't work.


  • Before performing this procedure, first try the standard factory reset procedure as described in the previous section.

  • Only perform this procedure as a last resort: to fix a bricked device. A device that boots fine but has some strange behaviour in some features will not benefit from executing this procedure.

  • This procedure will wipe all data on the data partition, which means all settings and so forth.

  • Unlike the common reset to factory default instructions, this procedure does not rely on a properly booting device.

  • When executed on a Cerbo GX before HQ2026, the WiFi access point and some other (non-crucial) features won’t work anymore since some factory-installed data is missing. Per HQ2026, that data is stored in a more secure place (EEPROM instead of data partition).

  • On the VRM Portal you’ll have to reset the Device token. The portal will accept no new data until that is done.

  • Ensure you have the appropriate manual for your GX device, as the procedures may vary slightly depending on the GX model.


  1. Download the installer image here: (venus-install-sdcard-einstein-*

  2. Flash the image to a microSD card using the Balena Etcher application ( The Etcher application automatically unzips the archive.

  3. Insert the microSD card into the Cerbo GX device.

  4. Power up the device.

  5. Wait for the installation process to finish. When connected to GX touch, you will be asked to remove the installation medium (Micro SD card) and power-cycle the system. If not connected to GX touch, wait for 2 minutes for the installation process to finish.

  6. Remove the microSD card and power-cycle the device.