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Cerbo-S GX Manual

6. Firmware updates

In this section:

6.1. Changelog

The changelog is available in Victron Professional in the Firmware → Venus OS directory. To access Victron Professional, you need to sign up (free).

6.2. Via internet or with microSD-card/USB-stick

There are two ways to update the firmware:

  1. Update it via the internet, either manually or let it check for new updates every day.

  2. Update it from a microSD-card or USB-stick.

6.2.1. Direct download from the internet

On GX devices without a display (ie. a Venus GX or Cerbo GX without GX Touch), use Remote Console to get to below menus.

  1. To update from the internet, navigate to: Settings → Firmware → Online updates.

  2. Press 'Check for updates'.

  3. If there is a newer firmware version, it will be shown under 'Update available'. Press to update to the new firmware version.

  4. After the GX device has been updated to the new firmware version, make sure to check the settings of your installation.


Note that for most system applications our advise is to keep automatic updates disabled; as is also the default factory setting.

Instead, update the system at a convenient moment; when people are on location and ready to revert to a previous system and/or troubleshoot in case of issues.


6.2.2. MicroSD-card or USB-stick

Updating with a microSD-card or USB-stick is called 'Offline updating'. Use it when updating a device that is not connected to the internet.

Step 1. Download

Get the latest swu file:

    Note that the same files and the changelog is available on Victron Professional. There is also a Dropbox connection to connect your Dropbox to our shared folder, so you always have the latest firmware files available on your laptop.

    Step 2. Install on a microSD-card or USB-stick

    Store the file in the root folder of a USB-stick or microSD-card.

    Step 3. Insert the device

    Note that you will see a warning “Attached storage contains a firmware image, not using for data logging.”. That warning can safely be ignored.


    Step 4. Initiate the update

    Navigate to Settings → Firmware → Install firmware from SD/USB.

    Press 'Check for firmware on SD/USB'.

    If the firmware in the microSD-card or USB-stick is newer than the running one, 'Firmware found' item will appear, press it to start the update process.


    6.3. Revert to a previous firmware version

    There are two ways to revert to a previous firmware version:

    1. Using the Stored firmware backup feature or

    2. by downloading a specific firmware file, saving it onto a microSD-card or USB-stick and install from SD/USB.

    6.3.1. Stored firmware backup feature

    This option allows you to switch between the current and the previous firmware version. No internet or SD-card needed.

    1. Go to Settings → Firmware → Stored backup firmware.

    2. The following screen shows the firmware version currently running and the firmware version that can be booted.

    3. Click on 'Press to boot' to boot into the stored firmware version.

    4. The stored firmware version is now booted and the previous firmware version will be saved instead.


    6.3.2. Install a specific firmware version from SD/USB

    There may be reasons why it is necessary to manually download and install a specific firmware version (e.g. an older firmware version that is not stored under "Stored backup firmware" on the GX device). This chapter explains how to do that.

    1. Old Venus OS firmware versions are available for download here:

    2. Download the .swu file of the version required.

    3. Store the .swu file in the root folder of a USB-stick or MicroSD-card.

    4. Insert the USB-stick or MicroSD-card into your GX device.

    5. Note that you will see a warning “Attached storage contains a firmware image, not using for data logging.”. That warning can safely be ignored.

    6. Navigate to Settings → Firmware → Install firmware from SD/USB.

    7. It should show the specific firmware version under 'Firmware found'. Click on it to install.



    Note that while backporting is no problem in general, it may be that some settings are reset to their default values. Be sure to check this.

    6.4. Venus OS Large image

    In addition to the normal Venus OS firmware, it is also possible to install Venus OS Large, an extended build of Venus OS that adds Node-RED and Signal K Server.

    Among other features, Node-RED offers a fully customisable dashboard that can be viewed in a web browser - both locally and remotely, via the VRM Servers.

    Signal K Server is designed for yachts and multiplexes data from NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, Signal K and other sensor inputs. Data from all devices connected to the GX device is automatically available in SignalK for further processing.

    Please note that there is and will be no official support on the extended functionalities included in the Venus OS Large image.

    After installing the normal firmware version, there is an option 'Image type' in the 'Online updates' menu, which also allows to select 'Large' for the Venus OS Large image type and updating firmware like described in this chapter.

    A detailed description of all functions and how to install can be found in our document Venus OS Large image: Signal K and Node-RED.