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Solar Sound System – Summer Smoothing

The man behind the tables needs your help. So that you can continue to enjoy the smooth sounds of summer you’ll need to donate some pedal power.  For twenty years the Bicycle and Solar Panel powered Solar Sound System (3S) has been spreading its ecology message against a background of music.

Six hundred events later, Solar Sound System – which has bases in France (Paris and Marseille), Germany, the Basque region of Spain, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and Lausanne (where it all began twenty years ago) – plans to expand its franchise model worldwide in order to spread the word about how easy it is to make the transition to renewable energy. Potential managers can get in touch with 3S here. Front man Rubens Ben tells me he’d particularly like to hear from someone in Florida or California.

3S was started by Cedric Carles, joined later by Thomas Ortiz and Rubens Ben, who are passionate about spreading their message of culture, ecology and professionalism everywhere there’s a street-party; cocktail party; festival; park – or in fact anywhere people gather to have a good time.

So what’s inside the box? Since its inception 3S have been using ultra reliable Victron energy components.

The inverter is a Phoenix Pure sine wave 24/800

The multi-tasking MPPT solar charge controller handles power from the panels and power from the pedals and stores in one or two AGM Batteries


In 2016, so that the music never stops, they began 24 hour broadcasting at


When it’s time to kick-back, why not chill out to the notes of an ecologically-powered Solar Sound System?

Here are some links to up-coming events:

Tel Aviv :

Paris :

Lausanne :

Hong Kong :

Basque Country :

Marseille :

Berlin :

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