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TU Delft Solar Boat Team manage a crisis

The TU Delft Solar Boat Team – the young Dutch engineers with big ambitions for competitive solar boat racing – have been experiencing difficulties with their boat’s software for electronic management.

Having solved those problems, and whilst out on the IJsselmeer water running tests, after only a short distance their craft hit an underwater obstruction and sustained severe damage – immediately ending further planned test-runs for the day. The incident happened with just 9 days to go before their most important competition of the year – the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge which takes place in Monaco, between the 2nd and 6th of July.

Following an out-of-the-water inspection the damage was found to be quite extensive: in addition to a missing hydrofoil, there was impact damage to the propellor blades in a number of places.

The severity of this setback would be sufficient to scupper the dreams of most people – but not TU Delft Solar Boat Team! In spite of the damage occurring little more than a week before their biggest event they are absolutely determined to take part in the race. Back at base the team have pulled-together remarkably and are working all waking hours to repair the damage – and to prove that no set-back is so great that it can stop a group of determined people.

We none of us know what we are capable of achieving …until we try.

With The Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge due to take place just two days from the time of writing – may we take this opportunity to wish all team members luck and success in their participation, and hope that their reward matches their effort.

Victron Energy is proud to sponsor TU Delft Solar Boat team – and we gain much from their determination to succeed against all odds.

Justin Tyers


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