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Brač island: Drinking in luxury

Take one private beach, crushed ice courtesy of solar powered battery energy, mix your cocktail of choice and relax…

That sounds good to me and power for the adjacent beach bar is all down to Victron Energy dealer Solar Projekt, from Split in Croatia. They carried out sales, project planning and installed the bar’s solar system – which is nearby the Hotel Lemongarden, located on Brač island in the Adriatic.

The image above is courtesy of Hotel Lemongarden – see the following links for more mouth watering information and photos.

No ice without sun

7kWp of solar panels harvest the energy for the natural stone house beach bar.

Behind the scenes are:

System operation

Whilst the hotel is connected to the grid, the beach bar location precludes that. However with the system above the bar now has power autonomy for 2 days and in case there are long periods of cloud cover there is a generator as backup. This is programmed to start automatically when the voltage in the battery bank reaches a set low point. Generator power is then available to the bar, whilst at the same time the battery bank is charged by the Quattro charger side of this combined inverter/charger. When the battery bank is full, the generator automatically switches off and the system continues to run on the battery solar system once again.


There would seem little point in having a bar in the sun without ice, but thanks to Victron Energy dealer Solar Projekt, the Hotel Lemongarden’s beach bar now has buckets of it.

My thanks to Boris Tudor of SOLAR PROJEKT d.o.o. for the information and photos in this blog.

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