Victron Energy people: Who is Juan Alberto Félix?


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Juan Alberto Félix

I was born and raised in Madrid, in the early 70s, and still live in this wonderful city with my wife, Liviana, along with Raul and Lara my two pre-teen children – all of whom I completely adore.

I’ve been Victron’s Sales Manager for Italy for the last 3 years and involved with the photovoltaic solar energy market since 1992, having worked for various Spanish companies in this segment. Victron Energy though comes top of my list as it is only they that said “welcome to the family”. That is how it feels, a big family that take care of you – even if I am a little distant from the Netherlands. For me it is a pleasure to be a part of this family and I am proud to introduce and offer our products to Italian professionals. They appreciate the high quality and our clear and straightforward way of working together.

My job with Victron Energy has taken me all over Italy, a spectacular country with wonderful people – just like my wife – as it’s thanks to her that I can speak Italian and I’m therefore able to work in Italy!

Although I have always had some fear of flying this has not prevented me from travelling around the world and through my work I’ve been able to lose that fear. I now class myself as a ‘professional flyer!’ Next I just need to learn how to ‘drive’ the planes…

In my free time I like to enjoy that mostly with my family and friends, but when the opportunity allows I take my tent and I go to the mountains to walk and enjoy the beauty, calm and tranquillity of nature.

Another thing I really enjoy is cooking: I’m a great cook even if I say so myself!

Previously I only made Spanish food but because of my travels throughout Italy I have got to know a greater culinary variety. In addition to the typical pasta and pizza, for which Italians are authentic masters, Italian cuisine has many other delights – especially at a regional level where there is an impressive variety of dishes. You can also say the same about Spanish cuisine: in addition to the typical paella and tortilla de patata (and great chefs like Ferrán Adriá), there is a huge variety of typical dishes at a regional level that can take you to heaven.

My next personal project is to improve my guitar playing. Right now, my standard is very poor, although I am part of a group that plays traditional Spanish songs. My goal is to get to the ‘front row’ but for that I have to practice a lot more…

Anyhow that’s a little about me and my work at Victron Energy. Thanks for reading.

Juan Alberto Félix

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