VictronConnect v2.4 released

VictronConnect v2.4, plus an update to v2.41 for Android only, have recently been released. The change log details and essential links are given below.

Change log

v2.4 iOS, Mac OS & Windows released 2017-03-24

Download links:


VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle:

  • New firmware update v2.10
    • Improved communications robustness
    • Add support for new VE.Direct dongle

SmartSolar MPPT:

  • Show the correct icon when updating bluetooth firmware
  • Fix battery voltage can’t be set to 48V on some models
  • New Bluetooth firmware update v2.10

SmartLitihum batteries:

  • Fix cell numbering on live data page
  • New firmware update v1.05

Phoenix Inverter:

  • Fix a typo in temperature alarms

Peak Power Pack:

  • Rename “Mover” to “High current output (mover)” in live data page
 v2.4.1 Android only released 2017-03-28