Comeback kid Yvonne Nauta

Yvonne Nauta is a Dutch Olympic speed skater who celebrated some big successes early in her career culminating in a silver medal at the 2014 European Championships and a bronze medal at the World Championships in that same year. After 2 challenging seasons in 2015 and 2016 she decided to re-join the speed skating team that she was part of being a talented junior, the Frisian District Team ‘Gewest Fryslân’. This team is focused on grooming talented speed skaters in the province of Friesland; Victron is the proud main sponsor of this team.

Joining this successful team again turned out to be a wise decision as Yvonne won a bronze medal at the Dutch National Championships last weekend.

Qualified for the European and World Championships

Based on these results she qualified for the 2017 European and World Championships after having missed these tournaments in 2015 and 2016.

Want to see the next race? The 1500m ladies, part of the EK Allround Championships, starts at 11:00 Dutch local time today.

We are obviously very proud of Yvonne’s achievements so far this season and hope there is more to come!

– Guest post by Daniel van D. –

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