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VictronEnergy stocklist app: Updated to the new P&A App

The price & availability (P&A) of products has until now, been available in the VictronEnergy app seen in the mobile phone screenshot above. This app included a full stocklist with pricing, plus a handy cable sizing and charger/inverter temperature derating tool.

This has now been superseded and updated with the new Victron P&A app. This separates out the price, availability and stock holding of products from the handy tools mentioned, which will come in a separate app in due course. For now though you can continue to use the tools in the old app, as the new P&A app will sit alongside the old VictronEnergy app, quite happily, as you can see.

What’s new in the Victron P&A app?

– improved search

– copy & paste the product item code and description easily into an email, which makes life easy

– crisper look & feel

– now uses the full screen size on the iPhone 5

Download the app

Victron P&A for iPhone

We hope you enjoy the new app.

John Rushworth


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