VRM_2.0 App

VRM version 2.0 App released for tablets and phones

The latest VRM app for Android tablets and phones, iPads and iPhones is now available.

What’s new in Version 2.0?

  • Tablet support
  • New interface design
  • Site widgets
  • Overall stability and performance improvements

As tablets have a better screen resolution than most phones, Victron have been able to present additional information with this format. Here is an example screenshot from an iPad, which shows the sites on the left (both active and inactive with a site summary) plus the ‘Site details’ of the chosen installation on the right, that has been selected from the ‘Site summaries’ list.

iPad VRM Screenshot


Taking the example above, here is how the same VRM ID looks on the iPhone 5 below. The  information is now shown on two separate screens instead of one, due to the mobile phone’s screen resolution.

Site Summaries on iPhone 5

iPhone5 - VRM app site list


Site details on iPhone 5

iPhone5 - 2


To view further information about the chosen site, you click the orange ‘Historic Data’ button shown above. An example from an iPhone 4 is shown below. The iPhone 5 can display a longer list than this due to a better screen resolution. i.e. iPhone 4 is 640×960 and the iPhone 5 is 640×1136. Further information can be seen in both cases by simply scrolling down.


iPhone 4 Historic Data

iPhone4 - VRM Historic Data


Also new in this release is the ability to add site widgets. Here is an example of a site with an IO Extender that measures windspeed.

IO extender widget showing windspeed

iPhone5 - VRM Windspeed widget


Overall stability and performance improvements

As I was lucky enough to pre test this new VRM app release, I have noticed a crisper look and improved performance and of course there is always the ability to click direct from the app and open the full VRM portal site if you want even more detailed information.

We hope you like the VRM 2.0 app and as ever more than welcome your feedback and any comments, here on the Victron blog.

John Rushworth

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