VE Power Setup v1.3

Last week we released version 1.3 of VE Power Setup. The most important change is a fix to an issue when connecting to VE.Direct products on non-English versions of Windows. Furthermore there are some small GUI and connection assistant improvements.

Right before v1.3 we also released v1.2. The changes in v1.2 were:

  • Improved VE.Can communications
  • Improved the connection assistant

Drivers for both the CANUSB interface and the VE.Direct USB interface are available on our software downloads page

What does the future hold?

The next major improvements planned are:

  • Configuring the MPPT Solar chargers, such as all the new models that are coming soon: 100/50, 150/35 and 150/85. Some are already on their way by air as we speak, so they available from stock next week or the week after!
  • Remote firmware updates: update firmware of VE.Direct and VE.Can products connected to a CCGX somewhere far away, simply from your desk, using VE Power Setup. To make this same feature available for Inverters, Multis and Quattros is unfortunately a lot more work, so that will take a lot longer. Updating these would also need to be treated with more care: you don’t want to shut down a system remotely without any warning if there are people using it.

And, last but not least, adding versions for Linux and Apple OS X. Yes I read those comments of the last post. Glad it didn’t turn out into the typical my OS is better than yours war :).

Have a good weekend!