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VictronConnect manual

11. Stored trends & Instant readout

In this section:

11.1. Stored trends

Stored trends is a new feature, which records and stores data into the non-volatile memory of compatible smart devices, even if during a loss of power or disconnection from the battery.

The data is recorded at an interval of 30 minutes, so the number of recorded days is about 46 days. The exception is the Smart Battery Sense: it has a storage period of 181 days.


This only works if you connect to the Victron product via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this will not work if you connect via a VE.Direct USB cable, and (therefore) these trends will not work on a Windows device as they can only be connected via the VE.Direct USB cable.

Currently SmartSolar chargers, BMV-712 Smart, SmartShunt and Smart Battery Sense support stored trends. More smart devices will follow.

The stored values differ depending on the Victron smart device:

  • SmartSolar chargers support trends for Battery Voltage, Current and Temperature, as well as Load output current, PV voltage and PV current.

  • BMV-712 Smart and SmartShunt support trends for Battery voltage, Current, State of Charge as well as the Aux input (battery temperature, or midpoint deviation, or starter battery voltage.

  • Smart Battery Sense support trends for Battery voltage and Battery temperature.

How it works:

  1. Open the VictronConnect app.

  2. Tap the device whose stored trends you want to view.

  3. From the Status screen, tap on the TRENDS tab. This fetches the stored data, which may take a few seconds.

  4. Select the parameters for the blue and orange colored graphs.

  5. Use the + and - buttons or pinch-to-zoom to zoom in or out to the desired time period.

  6. Use the slider at the bottom of the graph to view the exact values for each data point at any date and time within the interval.


11.2. Instant Readout

VictronConnect can display the most important data of smart products on the Device list page without the need to connect to the product.

The advantage is:

  • Better range than a regular Bluetooth connection.

  • No need to connect to the smart product.

  • The key data at a glance.

  • Encrypted data.

  • VE.Direct and VE.Can devices also benefit from this feature; no new firmware and no setup required. The instant readout data is automatically displayed on the VRM Devices page in VictronConnect.

  • VE.Direct products also automatically display Instant readout data when using the VE.Direct to USB cable for connection to a PC or Mac.


Instant readout data is transmitted locally via Bluetooth (left) and VE.Direct / VE.Can (right) via VictronConnect-Remote

Instant readout transmission is disabled by default and can be enabled on the Product info page as described below:

  1. Open the VictronConnect app.

  2. Tap the device for which you want to enable Instant readout.

  3. On the device status screen tap on the cog wheel to get to the Settings page.

  4. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner.

  5. At the bottom of the Product info page, enable Instant readout. If this selection is not available, your smart product is not yet compatible. See the compatibility chart.


  6. Now Instant readout data will be visible in the device list for this device.

  7. If you tap on the two vertical arrows on the right side, more important information about the device becomes visible.

11.3. Stored trends and Instant readout compatibility

See the table below for an overview of Victron smart products and which of them support stored trends and/or instant readout. Products not listed are not supported even though they have Bluetooth.

Victron smart device

Stored trends

Instant readout

Smart Solar Charger



Inverter RS, Multi RS, MPPT RS



Lynx Smart BMS



Lithium Battery Smart









Smart Battery Sense



Phoenix Inverter Smart



Sun Inverter



Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger



VE.Bus Smart dongle



VE.Bus Inverter/Charger



1) VE.Bus Inverter/Chargers supports instant readout, either wired (via an MK3 interface) or wireless (via VE.Bus Smart dongle). Note that when wired through an MK3 interface, communication with a GX device will be blocked (and thus may result in alarm and error conditions for the VE.Bus device) as long as this cable connection exists.