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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Isolated

7. Troubleshooting

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7.1. Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger error code overview

The error codes are displayed on the VictronConnect app.

For the most up-to-date version of this list see this link:

Error 2 - Battery voltage too high
  • This error will auto-reset after the battery voltage has dropped. This error can be due to other charging equipment connected to the battery or a fault in the charge controller.

Error 26 - Terminal overheated
  • Power terminals overheated, check wiring, including the wiring type and type of strands, and/or fasten bolts if possible.

    This error will auto-reset.

Error 27 - Charger short circuit
  • This condition indicates an over-current condition on the battery side. It can occur when a battery is attached to the unit using a contactor. Or in case the charger starts up without a battery connected but connected to an inverter that has a large input capacitance.

    This error will auto-reset. If the error does not auto-reset disconnect the charge controller from all power-sources, wait 3 minutes, and power up again. If the error persists the charge controller is probably faulty.

Error 116 - Calibration data lost
  • If the unit does not work and error 116 pops up as the active error, the unit is faulty. Contact your dealer for a replacement.

    If the error is only present in the history data and the unit operates normally this error can be ignored safely. Explanation: when the units power up for the very first time in the factory, it does not have calibration data and an error 116 is logged. Obviously this should have been cleared, but in the beginning units left the factory with this message still in the history data.

Error 119 - Settings data lost
  • The charger cannot read its configuration, and stopped.

    This error will not auto-reset. To get it working again:

    1. First, restore it to factory defaults. (top right in Victron Connect, click on the three dots)

    2. Disconnect the charge controller from all power-sources

    3. Wait 3 minutes, and power up again.

    4. Reconfigure the charger.

    Please do report this to your Victron dealer and ask him to escalate it to Victron; as this error should never happen. Preferably include firmware version and any other specifics (VRM URL, VictronConnect screenshots or similar).