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MultiPlus-II GX

3. Safe Installation

In this section:

Read the installation instructions before commencing installation activities. For electrical work, follow the local national wiring standard, regulation and this installation instructions.

This product is a safety class I device, intended for a TN system (supplied with a ground terminal for safety purposes). Its AC input and/or output terminals must be provided with uninterruptible grounding for safety purposes. An additional grounding point bonded to the chassis is located inside the terminal cover of the product. See Appendix A.

The ground conductor should be at least 4mm². If it can be assumed that the grounding protection is damaged, the product should be taken out of operation and prevented from accidentally being put into operation again; contact qualified maintenance personnel.

Ensure that the connection cables are provided with fuses and circuit breakers. Never replace a protective device by a component of a different type. Refer to the connection of battery cables section of the manual for the correct part.

Do not invert neutral and phase when connecting the AC.

Check before switching the device on whether the available voltage source conforms to the configuration settings of the product as described in the manual.

Ensure that the equipment is used under the correct operating conditions. Never operate it in a wet or dusty environment.

Ensure that there is always sufficient free space around the product for ventilation, and that ventilation openings are not blocked.

Install the product in a heatproof environment. Ensure therefore that there are no chemicals, plastic parts, curtains or other textiles, etc. in the immediate vicinity of the equipment.

This inverter is provided with an internal isolation transformer providing reinforced insulation.