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MultiPlus-II GX

5. Operation

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5.1. On/Off/Charger only Switch

The switch is located on the underside to the bottom right of the product.

The switch has three positions. The centre position 0 is Off. The I position is On, and the II position is Charger Only.

When switched to 'I / On' (rocked towards the front of the unit), the product will come into operation and the inverter is fully functional.

If an AC voltage is connected to the 'AC in' terminal, it will be switched through to the 'AC out' terminal, if within specifications. The inverter will switch off, and the charger commences charging. 'Bulk', 'Absorption' or 'Float' will display, depending on the charger mode.

If the voltage at the 'AC-in' terminal is rejected, the inverter will switch on.

When the switch is switched to 'II / Charger Only', only the battery charger of the Multi will operate (if mains voltage is present). In this mode input voltage also is switched through to the 'AC out' terminal.

NOTE: When only the charger function is required, ensure that the switch is switched to 'II / Charger Only'. This prevents the inverter from being switched on if the mains voltage is lost, thus preventing your batteries from running flat.

5.2. Shut down procedure

To completely de-power the inverter/charger, disconnect the DC fuse or turn off the isolation switch, DC contactor or DC circuit breaker, located between the battery and the DC terminals of the unit. Note that dangerous residual voltages may still exist inside the product and at its terminals after shutdown. Never open the product casing, or touch bare terminals.