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Digital Multi Control

AC input control

The control panel's knob adjusts the AC input current limit. This is useful for mobile setups that connect to various AC sources with different circuit breaker current ratings.

The adjustment range is synchronised with the inverter/charger system range. For instance, when connected to an inverter/charger with 16A feed-through capacity, the AC input range remains within 16A. If linked to five of these units in parallel, it is scaled up to 80A.

If an AC input range below the feed-through capacity of the inverter/charger is required, a custom upper threshold can be configured. Refer to the Upper AC input limit 1 to 4 chapter.

If needed, a fixed AC current can be specified in the inverter/charger settings, which then cannot be modified by the remote panel. Refer to the Current limit overruled by remote chapter.