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Digital Multi Control

Configuration example pre-VE.Bus

Four pre-VE.Bus Multis 30A/120V + 13kVA gen. (1500 rpm) + external transfer switch.

For this configuration, the scaling factor must be calculated. The NrOfDevices is 4, the DeviceType is 2, so the scaling factor is (4 x 2) – 1 = 7.

A 13kVA generator 120V can supply a maximum current of 108.3A. Using a 90% safety margin, we will set the generator current to 98A.

To set the configuration, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the configuration button until the bottom LED in the left column starts flashing. This means you entered the configuration mode, and you can change the scaling factor.

  2. Turn on the knob until the display indicates 7.

  3. Press the button to go to the next setting. The lower left LED will turn on, indicating that the generator current can be set.

  4. Turn on the knob until the display indicates 98.

  5. Press the button to advance to the “Upper Shore limit for AC input 1” setting.

  6. You probably want the maximum shore current the operator can set to be lower than 128A, so turn the knob until the display indicates a proper maximum shore current.

  7. Since the next 3 parameters (Upper Shore limit for AC input 2, 3 and 4) do not need to be configured, you can press the button 4 times to step through the settings and finalise the configuration.