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Overview of available Assistants

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Make sure to read Configuring solar systems with Quattros and Multis when configuring a solar system.

ESS Assistant

For Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The Assistant manages the prioritising of Solar Power.


PV Inverter support

Use this Assistant in Off-grid systems that have AC-Coupled solar power: a grid-tie PV inverter connected to the AC out of a Multi or Quattro inverter/charger.


DEPRECATED Self-consumption Hub-1 - for dc-coupled systems

Note that Hub-1 is deprecated in favor of ESS.

Hub-1 Assistant documentation.

Hub-1 is only for hardware with new microprocessor (26 or 27).

Hub-1 and Hub-2 Assistant notes

DEPRECATED Self-consumption Hub-2 v3 - for ac-coupled systems

Take note of the factor 1.0 rule.

Deprecated in favor of ESS.

Only for hardware with new microprocessor (26 or 27).

Hub-1 and Hub-2 Assistant notes

DEPRECATED Self-consumption Hub-2 v2 - for ac-coupled systems

Use only on hardware with old microprocessor (19 or 20). On newer systems, use the version 3 instead, see above.

Take note of the factor 1.0 rule.

Note that all Hub-2 Assistant versions have been deprecated in favor of ESS.

Hub-1 and Hub-2 Assistant notes

DEPRECATED Self-consumption Hub-4

Do not use Hub-4 for new installs. It is deprecated in favor of ESS.

Hub-4 manual.

Only for hardware with new microprocessor (26 or 27).

2. Functional Assistants

Generator start and stop

Automatically start and stop a generator based on battery state of charge and actual load of a system. Note that automatic genset start/stop functionality is also available on the Virtual switch tab in VEConfigure, which is easier to work with.

This is one of the available options to automatically start and stop a generator using Victron equipment. See the auto-generator-start-stop document for an overview of all options. More general information about using a generator in combination with Victron is available here.

This Generator start and stop Assistant is also the one to use to configure Ignore AC Input using Assistants.

AC Current sensor

Reads PV Inverter current, using an AC Current sensor (CSE000100000), connected to a VE.Bus product. More information available in the AC Current sensor manual.

Silence fan

Disable the fans at night with a simple external switch, to ensure a quiet night. Very useful for boats and motorhomes.

Input current limit control

Automatically set the input current limit to a predefined value based on the state of an aux input or rpm measured with the 1140 interface. Used in the following systems:

  1. A variable speed generator, flywheel generator or waterturbine, where the available AC power depends on the rpm. See the Interface 1140 (ASS030510000) manual for more information.
  2. Vehicles or boats that have two different types of shore plugs. One high power plug and one low power plug. Use the assistant to automatically set the input current limiter based on the used plug.
  3. And there are more situations that can come to mind, for example a Multi connected behind a transfer switch.

Charge current control

Sets the charge current to a predefined setpoint, based on the active AC Input (for Quattros) or the state of an aux input.

Safety switch

Used to wire an emergency stop button to a VE.Bus system.


Deprecated: per VE.Bus firmware version 489, this Assistant is no longer required. When installing a system with VE.Bus BMS, our advice is to first update the firmware of the inverter, using VictronConnect, and thereafter do the configuration. No Assistant needed.

Required in combination with a VE.Bus BMS, used with our 12.8 V Lithium batteries. This Assistant communicates with the BMS and controls the Multi based on the BMS measurements.

Two-Signal BMS support (previously called Lynx Ion BMS support)

Required in combination with a Lynx Ion BMS, used with our 24 V 180 Ah Lithium system. This Assistant can also be used to control the Multi with a third party Lithium system including BMS. See our PDF Connecting other lithium battery systems to Multis and Quattros for more information.

3. Advanced Assistants

Programmable relay

Relay locker

General flag user



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