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Self-consumption hub-1

When to use the hub-1 Assistant?

Use the Assistant for these systems with Solar chargers, where you want to disconnect from mains when possible. Which is the third policy on the list.

Usage of all other policies of Hub-1 have been deprecated, in favor of ESS.

Besides below information, there is more information about Hub-1 here:

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to use the VE.Bus to VE.Can interface cable?

No, not anymore since CCGX v1.73. See v1.73 blogpost for details.

What happens when there is to power to be fed back, but there is no grid available?

The solar charger will charge the batteries until the absorption voltage is reached, and then reduces it's output. It switches to regulation on battery voltage instead of MPPT or output current. In other words: the batteries will not be overcharged.

What happens when the battery is full and feeding back the grid is has not been enabled in the configuration?

See previous answer.

I do not have a Multi with the new microprocessor, what are my alternatives?

With older Multis and Quattros it is unfortunately not possible to feed power from DC back into the grid. It is possible to prioritize solar in a dc-coupled system.

How many MPPT 150|70 or 150|85 can be connected in parallel

A maximum of 25 units can be connected in parallel.


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