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Ignore AC input using the Generator Assistant


Ignoring AC input will force a Multi or Quattro into inverter-mode on certain conditions, even though there is mains or generator power available. For example to force the system to run 100% on battery and solar power.

Ignoring the AC input was first introduced on the Virtual switch tab. It is much easier to use the Virtual switch to configure this, however if you must disable the Virtual switch due to another necessary assistants then it is possible to use an alternative way.

Other solutions

Instead of using the Generator start/stop Assistant, there are other solutions:

  1. Use the Virtual switch
  2. For systems with recent hardware, which has the new-type microprocessor (the 7 digit firmware numbers starts with 26 or 27, instead of 19 or 20) you could use the the Self-consumption Hub-2 v3 assistant - however this is now depreciated.

Making AC Ignore by using the Generator start/stop and the General flag assistant

The most common (or only?!) system where below assistant configuration makes sense is an AC-coupled PV installation, using Multis or Quattros with the old-type microprocessor (the 7 digit firmware numbers starts with 19 or 20, instead of 26 or 27).

Below screenshot shows a configuration for an AC-coupled PV system. It is running on an old-type microprocessor (19xxxxx or 20xxxxx) and can therefore not be configured using the Self-consumption Hub-2 v3 assistant.

There are three assistants used:

  1. Generator start and stop, which is not used to start a real genset, but to define the logic for ignoring the ac input. This is done by setting it to drive the general flag.
  2. General flag, which picks up the result of the generator start/stop logic. It uses the outcome to Ignore the ac input
  3. PV Inverter support, which regulates the output of the PV inverter by changing the AC output frequency while in inverter mode.

Note that the order in which the assistants are is important!



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