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Who is Simon Ytterbom?

Hey, y’all from the Sunshine State!

My name is Simon Ytterbom and I am based in hot and sunny Florida. I am one of four sales managers in the USA & Canada, along with Alan, Rich and Justin. It’s said that August in Florida is God’s way of reminding us who’s in charge. While that may be true, I began my career in the cold north.

Born and raised in Sweden, I grew up watching and playing soccer (football!) with my younger brother Gustaf. My passion for the sport eventually took me to New York City, where I played in college while earning my Business bachelor’s degree. In the concrete jungle is where I met Lauren. I consider it my most brilliant achievement in life to convince her to marry me. After all, it takes a very loving and considerate wife to listen to AC/DC, regardless if it is on the radio, or me. Today we have two beautiful children: a 3-year-old daughter (Tove) and Christian (9 months’ old).

My career began in the energy storage field, where I worked with technical support for a battery distribution company in North East Florida. After a year in Florida, we decided it was a good time in our life to move to Sweden and introduce my wife to my homeland. This is where my power/conversion interest gained traction as I started working for Mastervolt, Sweden. My journey with Mastervolt halted a year later when we decided to move back to Florida to start our family. Upon moving back to our current hometown St. Augustine, my old company offered me the position for specialty products. Of course, my initial thought was to introduce Mastervolt to our current product portfolio but there was this other company, Victron Energy, that looked appealing as well. Upon spending late hours comparing the two companies my newly “greened” heart turned more and more blue and our company eventually turned to Victron. Working with Victron products was (and still is) an endless education and it rapidly turned into an obsession and had a drug-like impact on me. I began questioning what I could not accomplish instead of what I could.

In the end of 2018, our family owned company merged with a larger corporation. It took me about 6 months to realize that I wanted to work with a family company, so when the opportunity as a sales manager for Victron Energy arose, I did not hesitate. In the end, my favorite part of my position was to work with Victron products, so why not full time.

And as Covid-19 came around, so did my beginning with Victron Energy.


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