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Hot Stuff: New Victron Energy products

New and ever improving products are a feature of the Victron Energy brand. Personally speaking it’s often hard to keep up with this continually evolving product range, so I thought it would be handy to let you know what’s hot, what’s new, in stock and available now – just in case you’ve missed anything on the pricelist or e-order.

High Voltage

The latest in the ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Smart Solar Charge Controller range are the following two models, available with MC4 or Tr cable connections:
Both the 100 Amp and the 85 Amp cater for a maximum PV open circuit voltage of 250V (under maximum coldest conditions) with a 245V start up and maximum operating voltage. If you are not familiar with calculating voltages for differing temperatures please read the Bob Hopman blog on ‘Matching solar modules to MPPT charge controllers‘ which includes a link to the VE-MPPT-Calc.xlsx spreadsheet.

That’s a lot of kVA

15kVA is now available in the uprated inverter/charger Quattro range. This can save paralleling smaller units, as you may have done previously to get a larger power output.

This new 2 x 230V input, 48/15000/200-100/100 Quattro model (if we break down the model notation ) is 15kVA continuous output power at 25°C , 200 Amps battery charge current at 25°C ambient, with a maximum feed through current of 2 x 100 Amps.

New marine charger – IP44 rated

The new IP44 Skylla marine charger (protected from water spray from any direction) accepts 120 and 230 volts input in the 90-265 volt range and is available in the following configurations – ( 12/60 (1+1), 12/60 (3), 24/30 (1+1), 24/30 (3).

The (1+1) features 2 isolated outputs. The second output, limited to approximately 3A and with a slightly lower output voltage, is intended to top up a starter battery.

The Skylla-IP44 (3) features 3 isolated outputs. All outputs can supply the full rated output current.

Besides its IP44 rating, the charger is further able to withstand the rigours of the marine environment such as heat, humidity and salt air. The circuit boards are also protected by an acrylic coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Additionally temperature sensors ensure that power components will always operate within specified limits – if needed by automatic reduction of output current in extreme environmental conditions.

Other new products now in stock

Although the new 15kVA Quattro is already awaiting restock, the IP44 Skylla marine charger is currently in stock – as are these other new products listed below:


As if all the above were not enough I also learned, as we were going to press, there are some new Smart Lithium batteries too. These include improved balancing, second generation BMS with Bluetooth Smart built-in – which means the information you get is that which you see in the screenshots in the VictronConnect manual.

More on the above and other new products as the information becomes available…

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