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New product: 50A Buck-Boost DC-DC converter

This new product is a 50A Buck-Boost DC-DC converter used for charging a 12/24V service battery in vehicles with an intelligent alternator, as when the engine is running these alternators (powered by the on-board electronics of Euro 5 and 6 engines) do not always emit the correct charging current and therefore a DC-DC converter is essential for charging the service battery properly.

Further details and a schematic detailing how this integrates into Victron Energy Lithium battery systems for vehicles will be the feature of a future blog post. For now this is merely the announcement of the product and specifications. If you require any information in the meantime, please comment in the Disqus comments section at the end of this blog.


General features


In order to preserve the vehicle’s starting battery, the 50A Buck-Boost DC-DC converter will only supply power once the engine has started.

This is possible because of the built-in engine running detection system. Instead of this detection, the 50A Buck-Boost DC-DC converter can also be activated by means of a programmable input.

Note: a CAN bus pr plus (+) 15 connection cannot always be used because the battery discharges in the case of ‘ignition on/engine off’.

The 50A Buck-Boost DC-DC converter can be fully programmed by means of an extremely simple and user-friendly PC application.

The output current (maximum 50A) has an (adjustable) automatic limiter. The automatic current limiter becomes active once the internal temperature gets close to a pre-configured maximum.

The output voltage can be adjusted for all automotive settings and is independent of the input voltage due to the automatic buck/boost control, the latter which also ensures that the current never exceeds its preset value, not even when the input voltage is higher than the output voltage.

John Rushworth.

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