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Victron Energy: Advanced training workshops in South Africa

As customers and distributors in South Africa will be aware there have been a number of very successful training workshops held across this 1,221,037 km2 area. These general training workshops started in May and June of this year and have continued to date. During this time Peter de Wit and Andre du Rand have trained around 500 people, across a diverse range of places. They include Namibia, Kimberly, Nelspruit, Empangeni, Cape Town and Kokstad – to name but a few!

The headline photograph above is one taken of the training group in Empangeni. This was a two day training session hosted by the Battery Power Hub team and Victron Energy.

Andre, who is the Area Manager for Southern Africa, wishes to thank you all for attending, and the abundance of enquiries for these workshops. Due to demand, an additional and advanced training phase will commence in September.

Focussed & Advanced Training

This next training phase is for the more technically advanced amongst you. To participate in this training you must be experienced with Victron Energy products and also have had some formal training with PV systems by a recognised training institute. It is also a requirement that personnel work for a Victron Energy Distributor or are a partner of a Victron Energy Distributor.

The training, starting in September, will focus on specific solutions using Victron Energy products, the technical aspects associated with such installations and the standards that have to be complied with, plus the regulations that need to be adhered to. More comprehensive training workshop details will be supplied upon receipt of your application.

Applying for the Training

If you are already experienced as described above, please indicate that in your application. Andre suggests that for companies and persons new to using Victron Energy products, that they first attend a formal PV Training course which covers Off Grid Systems thoroughly. Solarcon or PQRS are two of the recommended institutes that can provide training. There are a few more around South Africa so please request more information from Andre for your area.

To ensure that the training content is matched with appropriately experienced and eligible persons, it is important that accurate and complete information is received from all applicants.

To be considered for inclusion in these training workshops please cut and paste the bulleted points below into your email application and insert the appropriate answers. We appreciate this information is more than requested for previous training events – but as previously stated this is advanced training and accurate information ensures a quality outcome for all.

This information will be used for registration purposes only for Victron Energy Training days. All requested information must be completed to be considered for the training.

On completion of the above please send your email to

If you have any questions Andre and Peter will be happy to answer them via the email address above.


As an ex Royal Navy engineer myself, it is my personal belief that you can never have too much training. To my mind that is what sets quality businesses (and Navies) apart from the mediocre ones.

Victron Energy welcomes your application for this advanced training. First come, first served – Good luck!

John Rushworth

Victron Energy 40 Years - 1975 -2015

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