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Lithium Battery Smart circuit board replacement instruction

4. Replacing the circuit board

In this section:


High risk of accidental electrical short circuit. Perform at your own risk.

Replacement instructions:

Step 1:

  • Loosen and remove the bolts that hold the circuit board wires.

  • CAUTION: for models where the busbar comes loose, do not remove the bolt but replace them after the circuit board wire is removed.

  • Leave the other bolts in place.


Step 2:

  • Remove the circuit board.


Step 3:

  • The image on the right shows the battery without the circuit board.


Step 4:

  • Remove the new circuit board from its anti-static bag.


Step 5

  • Bend all circuit board wires upward. This prevents an accidental connection between a wire and the wrong busbar or battery cell.


Step 6:

  • Position the circuit board above the battery.

  • Ensure that the "BAT +" text is at the positive terminal and the "BAT –" text is at the negative terminal.


Step 7:

  • Insert the top right-hand circuit board wire, with the text "+ 3V3", to the top right-hand busbar.

  • Hand tighten the bolt using your fingers.


Step 8:

  • Repeat this for the other circuit board wires.


Step 9:

  • Hand tighten all bolts using a tool.


Step 10:

  • Further tighten the bolts to 10Nm, using a torque wrench.


Step 11:

  • Use two cable ties as strain relief for the two BMS cables.

  • A new pair of cable ties are included with the circuit board.


Step 12:

  • Confirm that the circuit board is functioning correctly before closing the cover.

  • Connect to the battery with the VictronConnect app and check that everything looks all right.