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Lithium Battery Smart circuit board replacement instruction

1. Introduction and safety

In this section:

Before following the instructions in this document make sure to first troubleshoot the battery. Follow the troubleshooting instructions in the Lithium Battery Smart manual, see

  • In case of a cell fault, the battery is irreparable. We do not supply spare cells.

  • In case of a circuit board fault, the battery is repairable. We supply spare circuit boards.

This repair instruction describes how to replace the Lithium Battery Smart circuit board with a spare.

This instruction is also available as a video:

Note that in this instruction, photos of a 200Ah 12.8V battery are used. The other battery models have slightly different circuit boards and cell layouts, but the general method of replacing the circuit board is the same. Refer to the Lithium Battery Smart spare parts list on the next page for the part number and a photo of the circuit board for each battery model.



Short circuits of lithium batteries can be highly hazardous. If you don't understand the risks of exposing battery cell terminals and the consequences of short circuits in lithium batteries, you must not carry out this procedure. This information is presented for competent personnel intending to work from a bench top in an uncluttered space.


This procedure is made publicly available for the benefit of those who are comfortable with, and able to, carry out the repair themselves.

In case you are not, this is not a problem. Contact your dealer to arrange for the repair to be carried out by an authorised person.


When performing repairs on a lithium battery, be aware that you are working on live equipment. Although the voltages are not that high (12.8 or 25.6V), the battery can supply very high currents in case of a short circuit. Take special care not to accidentally short circuit the positive and negative battery terminals, battery cell terminals or busbars. Always use insulated tools.