The Victron Energy head office is powered by solar energy.

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solar home systems and mini grids

We offer many PAYG solutions

Victron Energy offers many beneficial products for PAYG solar home systems and mini-grids, enabling lower income customers to take advantage of high quality systems.
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Three examples for the PAYG-market:

100Wp to 1kWp / DC only

Victron Energy`s 100 Wp solar home system provides enough energy to power lights, mobile phones and even a TV. The system protects itself from overloads and deep discharge is prevented. The BatteryLife algorithm assures that the battery is recharged completely, causing an extended battery life.

200Wp to 5kWp / DC/AC

The 1 kWp solar home system provides electricity to power several lights, radios, mobile phones, TVs, fridges and a variety of additional household appliances. Also the system is powerful enough for entrepreneurial customers to run a small business. The system can be monitored using a Victron Bluetooth Smart Dongle.

10kWp to 60kWp / Mini-grid

With a mini-grid a complete community can be provided with electricity, by utilising MPPT solar charge controllers or grid inverters. When grid inverters are used, the solar panels can be installed at different locations in the grid. Such systems can be monitored and controlled both locally and remotely


Collaboration to deliver PAYG solar solutions to the Congo

Victron Energy offers many beneficial products for pay-as-you-go (PAYG), enabling customers to take advantage of high quality systems at an affordable cost. Collaborations are being forged with various partners to offer turnkey solutions in this domain..

Victron Energy Pay As You Go solar power

Electricity in Benin is a fickle thing. Many areas, particularly in rural environments, are not covered by the national grid. The costs for solar energy have been falling for decades, but for many in Benin it remains a major investment. The key to surpassing this difficulty lies in that orange box in the picture.Designed by French start-up MyJouleBox,this mini-computer allows the creation of a “pay-as-you-go” system, consisting of spreading the payment over three years...

Pay As You Go

By using a unique finance approach called Pay As You Go, lower income customers are able to take advantage of high quality systems, whilst at the same time improving energy provision and local employment.

Victron Energys PAYG systems are able to send real time and offline data on system performance which ensures remote monitoring, system diagnosis and control - all of which are essential for customers living in remote areas.

To match the various energy needs of differing households and villages the systems come in a range of sizes from 100 Wp to 200 kWp.

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