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Victron Energy has committed itself to make certain of its projects open source. On this page you'll find more information about available sources and projects.

Below some of our own projects, you'll also find a list of other people's open source projects that work with Victron equipment. See bottom of this page.

Note that all this information is made available as is, for free, without any warranty and we do not commit to giving support. Although ofcourse we like to help out where possible.

Looking for Victron protocol documentation? Read our Data communication whitepaper as well.

Also, see our Modifications forum.

1. Venus OS: the software on our GX product range and also for the Raspberry Pi

Venus OS is the Victron Energy Unix like distro with a linux kernel. It's the software that runs on our GX Product range: central and remote monitoring systems.

While being a very successful project for us in its standard configuration, the Venus OS, and compatible hardware platforms can also be the perfect platform for many other projects. Such as:

  • Add drivers for certain products, if interesting enough we will add transmission and readout of that data on the VRM Portal. Adding generators readout and start/stop, and also temperature sensors for example would be very interesting!
  • Add logic on the product, for example to control the relay, or do other things.

Full information about Venus OS; and compatible hardware as well as how to install on a Raspberry P is here:

1.1 Dockerised Influx database & Grafana dashboard for Venus OS / GX Devices

2. VRM Portal (

While in itself not being an open source project, the VRM Portal database can be queried using the VRM JSON REST API.

Also, you can interface to the GX product range using MQTT, see the dbus-mqtt readme for more information.

3. Signal K

Signal K is a modern and open data format for marine use. Built on standard web technologies including JSON, WebSockets and HTTP, Signal K provides a method for sharing information independently of the underlying communications protocol (e.g. NMEA0183, NMEA2000, SeaTalk, I2C, 1-Wire, ZigBee, etc) in a way that is friendly to WiFi, cellphones, tablets, and the Internet. More information at

Many, many people all over the world are writing code to integrate Victron products and protocols into their systems. Below a list of public projects, aiming to help each other.

Tip: make sure to search for 'Victron' on Github and other open source hubs, or for 'Victron git' in Google. That is how I found below links :-D.

Want to list your project here? Please go ahead and change this page yourself! See Login on upper right.

4.1 Multis / Quattros / MK2

want to list your project here? Please go ahead and change this page yourself!

4.2 VE.Direct (MPPT Solar Chargers and BMV Battery Monitors)




Bluetooth Protocol



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