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Open source

Victron Energy has committed itself to make certain of its projects open source. On this page you'll find more information about available sources and projects.

Also there is a list of other people's open source projects that work with Victron equipment.

Note that all this information is made available as is, for free, without any warranty and we do not commit to giving support. Although ofcourse we like to help out where possible.

Looking for Victron protocol documentation? Read our Data communication whitepaper as well.

Color Control GX, BBB, RaspberryPi & Venus

While being a very successful product for us in its standard configuration, the CCGX can also be a perfect platform for many other projects. Such as:

  • Add drivers for certain products, if interesting enough we will add transmission and readout of that data on the VRM Portal. Adding generators readout and start/stop, and also temperature sensors for example would be very interesting!
  • Add logic on the product, for example to control the relay, or do other things.

And we are currently working to make the software that runs on the CCGX, called Venus, run on the Beaglebone Black, a 45 USD single board computer similar to the RaspberryPi. Also someone from the community is working to make the full Venus image run on a RaspberryPi. Go through the developers mailing list archive to find the latest status. Communication to Victron Products can then be done using our standard USB interfaces, such as the VE.Direct USB cable.

Getting started

The CCGX runs Venus, our own unix like distribution with a Linux kernel. It contains the kernel and many other base level drivers and code. But also contains all our applications, such as the drivers to communicate with VE.Bus products, VE.Direct producs and the VRM Portal.

Venus is currently available in three ways:

  1. Image for the CCGX
  2. Image for the Beaglebone Black, aka BBB. Still a beta version, see venus-dev mailinglist for latest status.
  3. Packages for Rasbian Wheezy, Rasbian Jessie and Debian Wheezy.

Note that those packages are supplied on an as-is basis: no official support on those. Just best effort on the venus developers mailinglist.

In case you want to develop something, please share your thoughts with us. We want to help making it a success, and preferably also include it in our main repositories and images.

More information

VRM Portal (

Many, many people all over the world are writing code to integrate Victron products and protocols into their systems. Below a list of public projects, aiming to help each other. Tip: also simply type 'Victron' in the search field on Github and other open source hubs, or 'Victron git' in Google. That is how I found below links :-D.

Multis / Quattros / MK2

  • want to list your project here? Please go ahead and change this page yourself!

VE.Direct (MPPT Solar Chargers and BMV Battery Monitors)


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