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CCGX Hardware and software introduction


The CCGX is based on the Technexion board TAM-3517, which is using the Texas Instruments Sitara AM3517, containing a ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor:


Linux kernel & OS

The software platform of the CCGX is called Venus: Victron Energy Unix like distro with a linux kernel. It is based on and built with OpenEmbedded, a build framework for embedded Linux. It has all kinds of tools, mechanisms and recipes to build the Linux kernel and make a full embedded Linux rootfs. Maintained versions are listed here:

To build the Venus yourself, see:

Victron software

we are using a mixture of C, C++, QML (for the user interface) and Python. As a main data exchange, to share values such as voltages, as well as settings and other data, we use D-Bus. D-bus is for inter process communication, see google and the D-Bus page on wikipedia for more information. This diagram gives a good overview of the whole thing:

Product processes

Processes that interface to products, using the different protocols. These processes make the information available on the D-Bus.

Other processes

Source code

As visible in above project list, part of the sources is already available. All that is open source is available on The rest is still on Victrons internal git servers, and where possible slowly being moved to github.

Other tips

  • to make a screenshot, first press and hold the down button, and then press the up button. The screenshot will be saved with the name snapshot.png in /opt/color-control/gui/ or /service/gui. Making a new screenshot overwrites the previous one.


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