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VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle

4. Troubleshooting and Support

In this section:

For unexpected behaviour or suspected product faults, refer to this chapter.

Start by checking the common issues described here. If the problem persists, contact the point of purchase (Victron dealer or distributor) for technical support.

If you're unsure who to contact or if the point of purchase is unknown, refer to the Victron Energy Support webpage.

4.1. Unable to connect to the dongle

How to fix or diagnose connection problems:

  • Make sure that the Victron product where the dongle is connected to, is listed in the "compatible Victron products " chapter in the VictronConnect manual.

  • The dongle is powered via the VE.Direct cable connection. Check that the device where the dongle connects to, is powered and the LEDs blink when connecting to the VE.Direct port.

  • Make sure you are close enough to the dongle. In open space, a distance of up to approximately 20 meters should work.

  • Only one phone or tablet can be connected to a dongle at the same time. Make sure no other devices are connected to the dongle, and try again.

  • Try to disconnect the dongle and reconnect it to the same product.

  • Try to connect the dongle to a different product (if available).

  • Check if VictronConnect can see the device when using a VE.Direct USB cable connected to a PC or android phone.

  • Try re-pairing by first removing the pairing from the phone: go to your phone's Settings, then click Bluetooth. Click the (i)-icon next to any “VE.Direct LE” device and click “Forget This Device”. Then, open the VictronConnect App again and pull down the Discovery screen to rediscover products. Set the dongle in pairing mode by clicking the button on the dongle, then click the Victron product in the app's Discovery screen. Confirm the pairing and you should now be connected to the dongle.

  • In case a Motorola Moto G 2014 (aka Moto G2) is used: This model has a known issue with VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongles with serial number HQ1606 and earlier. If you have such serial number dongle and that phone, contact your Victron supplier for a replacement (newer) dongle.

If these steps were unsuccessful see the troubleshooting section in the VictronConnect manual for more troubleshooting information.