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VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle

1. Introduction

In this section:

1.1. Introduction

The VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle connects to a non-Bluetooth VE.Direct Victron product which can then be accessed via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app for easy monitoring, setup and firmware update purposes.

The dongle can be used with any Victron Energy product that is equipped with a VE.Direct port (with exception of GX devices. It is especially useful for products that do not have built-in Bluetooth, such as: BMV 700 and 702 battery monitorsPhoenix Inverters VE.Direct or the BlueSolar MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

For additional documentation relating to the dongle, like product photos, certificates and more, also see the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle product page.


The VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle was previously called the VE.Direct to Bluetooth LE dongle. There are no differences, only the name has changed from LE to Smart.

1.2. Features

The main features of the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle are:

  • View data (such as battery status and solar panel power as well as other useful data) from non-smart devices such as BlueSolar MPPTs, Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct and BMV wirelessly on your iOS or Android mobile devices via our VictronConnect app.

  • VE.Smart Networking: wireless communication network between Victron products. See the full VE.Smart Networking manual and also the Limitation chapter for more information.

  • Instant Readout: When the VE.Direct Smart dongle is connected to a BlueSolar MPPT, BMV-70x or a Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct, VictronConnect will display the key data of these products on the Device list page without requiring a connection to the product. This includes visual notifications of warnings, alarms, and errors that enable diagnostics at-a-glance. See the VictronConnect manual for more information (requires firmware 2.41 or later).

  • Works with iOS, Android and macOS.

  • Two status LEDs for Bluetooth and errors.

  • Clear PIN code button.


1.3. Limitations

There are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • The VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle is not compatible with Windows PC.

  • Synchronised charging is not possible with VE.Smart Networking.

  • Stored trends is not supported.

  • “Keep SOC” option is not supported for the Battery SOC on reset setting.

  • Bluetooth GATT service is not supported.

1.4. Compatible products

The dongle can be connected to almost all Victron products that have a built-in VE.Direct port.

For a full list see the "Compatible Victron Products" section of the VictronConnect manual.


The dongle cannot be connected to a GX device or to a GlobalLink device

1.5. The VictronConnect App

To connect to the Victron product via the dongle:

  • Open the VictronConnect App.

  • The Victron app will establish communication with the dongle and the Victron product.

  • When the connection is active, the blue Bluetooth LED will stop blinking and turn on solid.

  • The product where the dongle is connected to will show up in the device list of the VictronConnect App.

  • It will be called VE.Direct smart, together with the name of the connected Victron product. The name can be changed if desired.

  • Select "VE.Direct smart" from the VictronConnect App device list.

  • The Victron product can now be accessed via the dongle and VictronConnect App.

  • Use the VictronConnect App to monitor, make settings or update firmware of the Victron product.

For more information on monitoring and product settings, see the VictronConnect product page and also see the product manual of the Victron product the dongle is connected to.


Example of VictronConnect device list and the product page of an inverter

To access the dongle information via the VictronConnect App:

  • Click on the cog setting-cog.png symbol in the top right of the product screen to go to the settings page.

  • Click on the 3 dots VC_3dots.png symbol in the top right hand corner of the settings screen.

  • Select "Product info" from the pop-up window, the product page will open.

  • Scroll down on the product info page to see the dongle information


VictronConnect dongle information page

Enable Bluetooth Live Data Advertisement

Bluetooth Live Data Advertisement allows to view data of the connected VE.Direct product instantly and without connecting to it.

If a firmware update to version 2.41 or later of the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle is carried out via the VictronConnect app, a pop-up window will appear after the update in which Bluetooth live data advertisement can be activated automatically. The live data then appear immediately in the device overview.

It is also possible to subsequently activate or deactivate Bluetooth live data advertisement. The following steps are required for this:

  1. Open the VictronConnect app and tap on the VE.Direct dongle to open it.

  2. Go to the Product info page (see the section above: To access the dongle information via the VictronConnect app) and check that firmware v2.41 or later is installed.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the slider to enable/disable Bluetooth live data advertisement.


Bluetooth live data advertisement enabled and instant live data on the Device list