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BatteryProtect 48V 100A

2. Features

In this section:

The BatteryProtect offers a wide range of different features. These include:

  • Protection of the battery against excessive discharge and can be used as a system on/off switch.

  • A special setting for Lithium batteries. This feature allows external control from a BMS like the VE.Bus BMS or Lynx Smart BMS. If the load disconnect output of a BMS is connected to the pin labelled REMOTE and the signal becomes free-floating, the load is immediately disconnected.

  • Ultra-low current consumption of 2mA: This is important in case of Li-ion batteries, especially after low voltage shutdown.

  • Over voltage protection: To prevent damage to sensitive loads due to over voltage. The load is disconnected whenever the DC voltage exceeds 64V.

  • Ignition proof: No relays but MOSFET switches, and therefore no sparks.

  • Delayed alarm output: The alarm output is activated if the battery voltage drops below the preset disconnect level for more than 12 seconds. Starting the engine will therefore not activate the alarm.

  • Delayed load disconnect and delayed reconnect. Responding quickly within this delay, for example, by reducing the load or starting a generator or charger to charge the batteries, can prevent loads from being switched off.

For a full description of all features, please see the datasheets.