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VRM World

VRM World is a way to publicly share your VRM site data to the world via a searchable world map. Naturally access to your site configuration, precise location and any private details are excluded.

Visit VRM World at

In order for your site to show up on VRM World, it needs to:

  • Have sharing on VRM World enabled in VRM.
  • Have fresh data (last update within the last 24 hours)
  • Have data for at least one of the following: solar yield, battery SOC, AC power in or consumption
  • Have its location configured (set manually in VRM or via a connected GPS)

Sites which do not meet these requirements (anymore) will be hidden on VRM World. Whenever they meet the requirements (again), they will show up again. If your site isn't visible despite having enabled sharing, please check that it meets the other requirements.

If your site meets the above requirements you can enable sharing your site via VRM. To do so, go to the site you want to share in VRM and click the Share icon in the upper right corner:

Here, enable the option to 'Share publicly on VRM World':

What happens when you share your site on VRM World?

  1. It will be shown on the digital globe on
  2. Anyone will be able to click the 'Visit' button and see all the sites data, similar to using a private sharing link.
    • The precise location will not be shown, and of course visitors will not be able to change any settings, see phone numbers or other privacy sensitive information.



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