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VRM Portal changelog


  • Notification: Urgent notifications will now show up in a modal
  • History chart: SOC in historical chart will now also display the current battery level


  • User Settings page: Changed the order of tables. (Users, Access Requests, Invites)


  • Installation groups: Enable search for installations when creating a new installation group.


  • Date picker: Removed warning icon when date is in the past


  • Dashboard: Fix PV Charger details not updating in realtime.
  • Dashboard: Sort MPPT and MPPT-RS PV Chargers alphabetically.
  • Update translations


  • Remove alarm notifications toggle on Team page. See explanation below, at 2021-09-08, for details.


  • Add support for Turkish and Chinese


  • Fix dropdown controls opening upwards on small portrait screens


  • Fix data points grouped incorrectly in advanced page state widgets
  • Redirect to the installations overview after deleting or unlinking an installation
  • Add Battery Consumed Amphours widget


  • Add time to the tooltips of the historical data charts.
  • Improve quick ranges selection and rounding in the historical data part of the dashboard.
  • Update translations (de, fr, nl, tr, zh)


  • Fix data grouping and rounding for quick time ranges in the historical data charts.


  • Improve tanks and temperatures overview on the dashboard, grouping tanks per type, sorting groups by name and show temperatures on the dashboard
  • Advanced: Store the chart plot settings (the selected phase, or the voltage and so forth, for the graph widgets
  • Advanced: Improve widgets resizing and moving for touch-enabled devices to prevent accidental changes while scrolling
  • Improve the ‘add installation’ wizard. An optional installation name can now be given for new installations
  • Improve firmware update, showing realtime progress
  • Improve precision for historical data when selecting custom ranges
  • Add a profile setting to display dashboard/widget volumes in US gallons
  • Add button tooltips in several locations
  • Fix date range positioning in historical data tooltips
  • Fix PV Inverter not connected to the multi in the dashboard overview
  • Fix advanced input state widgets not showing data in some cases


  • Add team-level alarm notification subscription toggle: you can now enable alarm notifications for a whole team. Note that this feature will be removed soon. Instead we'll add the enable/disable toggle for installations to the Installations group page. On that page, a user connected to the group will be able to enable/disable alarm notifications for him self. The admin of the group is able to change the enable/disable setting for each user. Also, the admin of the installation group is able to enable/disable alarm notifications for User teams linked to the installation group. If a user is also directly connected to an installation, and disabled notifications there, than that will have priority: he will not receive notifications for that installation. If thats the case, then the toggle switch on the Installations group page will indicate that, for example by turning yellow and having a explaining mouse-over.
  • Add uptime to gateway on device list


  • Improve the positioning of the PV Inverter tile on the installation dashboard
  • Improve readability of time to go on battery summary widget
  • Permission changes are now logged for future auditing
  • Fix synchronized tooltip for temperature and state widgets


  • Add language switcher in the sidebar and on the login page
  • Add support for more MPPT RS types to the installation dashboard


  • Improve user experience when selecting custom date ranges
  • Improve general experience across different browsers
  • Reduce network usage on installation overview


  • Add dashboard details for PV Inverters: MPPT and MPPT-RS
  • Fix dashboard styling issues


  • Show horizontal graph in the grid widget of the dashboard when negative values are present.


  • Add teams and groups to VRM permission system
  • Add ability to clone the advanced page widget layout to other installations
  • Updated translations
  • Fix advanced page showing error after loading widgets for some users


  • Improved security
  • Require current password when changing it
  • Fix battery voltage not showing correctly on the installation dashboard in some cases


  • Switch advanced page export to xlsx file format when exceeding excel column limit
  • Add dutch language option
  • Add explainer video to GX device replacement wizard
  • New system critical loads graph widget
  • Updated translations


  • Update translations for German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Chineese.
  • Fix installation overview always having detail mode reset for users with many installations
  • Reduced realtime broker load by using lower keep alive interval


  • Fix a bug in advanced page data download sometimes leading to failure to generate a correct report


  • Fix advanced page resetting date range after user changes it if the advanced page opened from the alarms page
  • Show time remaining for battery block (when charging) on the installation dashboard
  • Fix a zoom issue for FF block on the installation dashboard
  • Convert realtime volumetric units to gallons when profile is configured to show gallons
  • Show zero baseline more clearly on advanced page charts when there are two Y-axis present
  • Move the reset zoom button into the widget settings panel (gear icon)
  • Update translations
  • Changed issuer of mobile authenticator tokens to (existing tokens will still work, if you want to update your token then unlink your devices)


  • Fix installation overview not dividing installations into separate lists (my installations, shared, etc.)


  • Fix bug where accepting installation share link while also having access with your own account prevents you from making changes to the installation


  • Update dutch translations


  • Add new ‘Dutch’ language option


  • Make “Cerbo GX” first device option on the add installation wizard


  • Fix VEConfigure screen getting stuck on waiting for updates


  • Add support for device list status messages in firmware update modal
  • Show solar charger serial number in device list


  • Update firmware dialog texts for more clarity


  • Update swedish and spanish translations


  • Show more information about connected batteries on installation dashboard
  • Fix batteries display flickering on installation dashboard
  • Fix alignment of tanks on installation dashboard
  • Fix installation dashboard wrongly showing generator block as disconnected in some cases
  • Fix some inconsistent energy flows on installation dashboard for AC-in


  • Fix alarms load bug on installation overview
  • Change installation overview battery sorting to use battery voltage


  • Update german translations


  • Fix bug for “Battery Voltage & Current” showing “Top voltage” instead of “Voltage” in some cases


  • Fix rare bug with realtime data updates not registering correctly when you have multiple devices of the same type


  • Major upgrade of installations overview, including:
    • Sort installations on alarms by default
    • Sort down installations that have not been online in several months
    • Added “detail mode” to installation overview, showing more information about the installations
    • Added sparkline charts to installation overview, showing data for the last 24 hours (detail mode only)
    • Improved performance of installation overview for accounts with access to many installations
  • Prevent user logout during firmware update
  • Cancel active logins when user changes password
  • Revoke access tokens after user changes password


  • Fix timezone bug in recurring reports
  • Fix inconsistent behaviour of recurring reports when reporting monthly data over a gap-year
  • Update wording for warning of double download


  • Lower user priviledges when a registered user accesses an installation through a share link
  • Lower network usage on advanced page when using large ranges of time


  • Tighten security on photo uploads


  • Added “Are you sure?” checks before performing firmware updates to VE.Bus
  • Support uploading VFF files for firmware updates
  • Show device connection for VE.Bus devices in firmware updater


  • Replace “N/A” with ”-“ as label for no data
  • Fix advanced page column charts not handling range-mode correctly


  • Fix a bug with installation dashboard energy flows for PV-inverters


  • Add temperature blocks to the dashboard


  • Show ‘Add installation’ screen after logging in through VictronConnect when trying to access an installation you don’t have access to
  • Fix issue with selecting photos on iPhone when changing an installation avatar


  • Add “Clear open alarm” to manually clear alarms on installations
  • Add installation setting to disable realtime data in VRM
  • Update advanced page status, now similar to that of installation dashboard
  • Add map view to weather block on the installation dashboard if there is GPS data
  • Hide installation dashboard charts which don’t contain any data
  • Fix self-updating installation dashboard charts
  • Fix some cases where installation dashboard shows incorrect flows
  • Enable historical data piechart tooltips for mobile phones
  • Fix DC power block on installation dashboard cutting off peaks in some cases
  • Add new MPPT RS graph widgets for voltage and current


  • Show correct number of alarms in alarm notification


  • Show tank custom names on installation dashboard (if set)


  • Fix installation proxy links not opening correctly on Safari


  • On installation overview, show setting values when they are more recent data-wise
  • Fix bug in timezone conversion


  • Hide grid / generator blocks from dashboard when the AC inputs are not configured accordingly
  • Fix dropdown menu popping over navigation menu in some cases


  • Set minimum tick interval for current charts to 0.05


  • Fix bug with dashboard realtime data updates
  • Hide unused tanks from the dashboard


  • Fix overloading advanced page state widgets on long ranges
  • Show battery voltage range in tooltip for historical data chart


  • Add min/max cell voltage to Battery status widget


  • Hide errors on login form when input changes
  • New copy attribute value shortcut on installation diagnostics page


  • Fix unknown device state showing properly on installation dashboard


  • Fix redirect after logging in to previous page


  • Add support for authenticator apps as two-step verification method


  • Fix date picker sliding underneath the navbar on some screens


  • Add GlobalLink 520 support to VRM


  • Add an option to quickly remove a widget from the advanced page
  • Add an option to show range values in advanced graphs (helps find peaks when looking at long ranges of data)


  • Fix Fahrenheit conversions for summary widgets
  • Fix dashboard view for Internet Explorer 11


  • Add option to change relay state for GlobalLink devices


  • Show the grid graph on the dashboard as horizontal graph is there is no grid feed in


  • Launch realtime dashboard for more types of installations


  • New realtime installation dashboard for supported installations


  • Add internal temperature widget


  • Add pulse meter support


  • Fix a bug in widget grouping for some installations


  • Improve tooltip synchronisation for the Advanced page charts


  • Make installation overview more readable for a lot of installations
  • Align labels of the state widgets with the graph charts for easier analysis
  • Improve login screen autocompletion and usability


  • Add (optional) tank level column to system overview
  • Improve site share links experience


  • Add an option to create periodic email reports for all report types
  • Fixed an issue where some summary widgets displayed no data while there was data present


  • Show 'no data' when summary widgets don't have any data for the given installation
  • Add charger AC power and current widgets
  • Add digital inputs to the device list
  • Add digital input state widget


  • Fix bug with enums displaying numerically on the dashboard in some cases


  • Add Fahrenheit support for VRM in the profile settings
  • Add support for emojis in the installation name


  • Change PV inverter icon


  • Add device custom names to alarm log
  • Add device icons for fuel cells
  • Add device icons for GlobalLink devices
  • Add fuel cell widgets
  • Add ESS battery life state widget


  • Make the maximum slider value for economic reports dependent on the selected currency


  • Fix bug in time intervals filtering when the interval is negative


  • Improve datepicker formats and translations on locale changing


  • Add VRM portal ID to gateway in device list
  • Fix datepicker format in some of the locales


  • Fix slow advanced page on Chromium based browsers (e.g. Android)


  • Change display of remote support port and IP in the device list


  • Fix state issues in the menu


  • Add relay widgets to the advanced section of VRM
  • Add relay status to summary widgets on VRM


  • Add Cerbo GX to VRM add installation screen


  • Correctly scale pointer events on the remote console


  • Fix economic report available date range not being shown correctly for some Venus GX devices


  • Update translations


  • Fixed an issue in the VRM app where some charts on the advanced page did not load
  • Fixed an issue where multiple different PV inverters incorrectly showed as the same type on the device list


  • Make remote console much sharper


  • Removed unnecessary attributes from the alarm rules wizard
  • Added a Signal RSSI widget for LTE-M devices
  • Fixed the axis configuration of the BMS graph widget


  • Added custom device names to the advanced page


  • Added custom device names to the device list


  • Change axis switching logic on the dashboard, so that the axis always correctly reflect the shown data
  • Add altitude to GPS widgets
  • Hide speed from dashboard location block if it is not available


  • Fix timezone issue in data downloads


  • Clicking a pie chart legend entry now doesn't remove it from the graph anymore


  • Large data downloads are now sent by e-mail, so that they can be generated reliable (before, large data downloads timed out)


  • Gateway icon on the advanced page now reflects the actual device


  • Change the battery voltage graph line color on the dashboard, so it's easier to distinguish SOC and battery voltage


  • Fix axis configuration on the dashboard when there are only minor changes in the data of the graphs


  • Added a battery temperature graph widget for solar chargers
  • Added battery temperature to the solar charger summary widget


  • Add EasySolar II GX and MultiPlus II GX to the add installation screen


  • Fix issue with remote console access when a password was set


  • Add a battery mid-point voltage widget


  • Fix a styling issue with the datepicker on mobile devices
  • Add LoRaWAN signal information to the device list


  • Fix duplicate battery temperature in VE.Bus status widget


  • Fix small gaps in the 'Off' state of the MPPT state widget
  • New widget for meteorological sensors on the advanced page
  • Show remote support IP next to the remote support port when available
  • Show gateway serial number on the device list if available


  • Fix styling issues with some translations
  • Fix some styling issues in the widget selector


  • Fixed an issue on some browsers where empty scrollbars would be shown


  • Fix an issue where the time of the datepicker would change after a page reload
  • Added the instance number to the device list entries, making it easier to distinguish devices of the same type


  • Add an Excel export to the economic report


  • Adjust the sliders on the economic report to suit more systems


  • All VRM charts now always show at least one date on the X-axis so you can always see which date is graphed
  • Fixed an issue where the DC Voltage column could not be selected on the installation overview


  • Added Rands (ZAR) to the currencies of the Economic report
  • Increased the kWh price slider maximum value of the Economic report


  • Introduced the possibility to conditionally hide and display columns in the installations overview table
  • Added the 'Date added' column to the installations overview table


  • Added accordion-like expandable items for the Advanced page widgets selector groups


  • Added tooltips with totals to consumption and solar pie charts on the dashboard
  • Added widgets for DC meter


  • Fixed styling of the map block on the dashboard


  • Fixed the colors of the legend in the Inverter Output Voltage and Current widget


  • Improved some translations on VRM
  • Fixed an issue where the widget selector the advanced page was not large enough and did not show all available widgets


  • Allow vertical resizing for the advanced page widgets


  • Fixed a bug on the iPad where the screensaver was not overlapping the full screen


  • Change margins and padding on the advanced page
  • Advanced page drag & drop is now support on more screen resolutions
  • Added the VE.Bus hardware configuration on the system overview page


  • Date arrows shift now with a full quick range for Today and This X ranges.
  • Date picker and advanced widgets style improvements.


  • Production report now works for rangers bigger than 31 days


  • Only show remote support port when remote support is enabled


  • Added navigation to the Advanced page and one-day interval selection in the datepicker by clicking on the “Started at” value in the Alarm logs


  • Added interval shifting arrows to the datepicker


  • Show remote support port on device list page
  • New advanced page: you can now put widgets next to each other and resize graphs on the advanced page
  • Improved datepicker: It's now easier to select common ranges for the datepicker


  • Fix header buttons disappearing underneath alarm notifications


  • Device list on the firmware update screen is now more likely to show the correct device name


  • Back button behaviour is now more consistent on mobile devices


  • It is now possible to see the current alarm of an installation from the installation page
  • Only non automatic tags are shown on each installation page, saving some space on small screens


  • Fixed an issue where the down arrow of the remote console was not accessible on some screen resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where the 'No data found' text was not visible for some charts
  • Auto-reloading of the dashboard chart works again


  • Updated economic report: the columns and the calculation behind them are now more clear


  • Added an economic report in the reporting section of VRM: you can compare your Victron system with some predefined scenarios


  • Better error handling for data uploads


  • Fix bug where installations were marked as alarm on the map on installation overview


  • Time since last full charge for Battery History widget now shows as hh:mm instead of days


  • Fix bug with some states in state widgets that were shown incorrectly


  • Fix a bug where VRM kept reloading and prompting for a new version


  • New inverter widgets: State, Output voltage and current
  • Added support for multiple services in Remote VEConfigure
  • Added battery charge voltage to BMS charge and discharge limits widget
  • Added phase rotation to VE Bus warnings and alarms widget (if applicable)
  • Added high DC ripple to VE Bus warnings and alarms widget (if applicable)
  • Improved GPS widgets: added current location, it shows a warning if the data is old, and added a terrain mode switch to the map
  • Added generator state widget
  • Added generator state to dashboard generator block
  • Added battery temperature widget
  • Added battery temperature to VE Bus summary widget


  • New charger widgets: Output voltage and current, Charger state


  • States with the same name now show as one serie in the state widgets


  • Two new widgets on the advanced page: Solar Charger PV Voltage and Current, BMS Charge and Discharge limits


  • Removed VE.Bus Phase Count from the excel and csv downloads. It doesn't add any value and just takes up space.
  • Removed and Log time offset from the excel and csv downloads. It causes many white lines.


  • Added Octo GX to add installation screen
  • Device list now shows the proper icon for each type of gateway
  • Fixed sorting on the installation overview page
  • Added battery current to the battery block on the dashboard


  • Redesigned installation overview on mobile
  • Increase System SOC retention time from 6 months to four years.


  • Fix charts not loading on the dashboard in IE
  • Fixed a bug that made charts reload on the advanced page while they were zoomed in
  • Summary widgets now use the same colors for voltage and current as the graphs on the advanced page


  • Added the Economic report for comparing cost scenarios.


  • Added navigation to the installation overview when searching for an installation in the menu search bar.


  • Added Russian as a language (and improved other translations)
  • Added device id to VE.Bus data on the device list page
  • You can now add VRM to your home screen on your Android phone (PWA)


  • Show more data points on advanced charts when zooming in
  • Renamed username to e-mail
  • Allow firmware updates for devices without any firmware installed


  • Fixed blocked field in the add installation flow on small screens


  • Reset zoom on changing the range of the dashboard and advanced graphs


  • Added mobile scroll indication for the firmware update devices table


  • Redesigned the Device list page


  • Added tags list to the Dashboard, Advanced and Device list pages


  • Added a button to manually remove a device from the device list


  • Added more data points per pixel on advanced graphs, makes it easier to spot peaks / anomalies
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases state widgets where not updating properly
  • Improved UX on installation tag page, with autocomplete as well


  • Added tank level widget
  • Added first seen date to device list page


  • Added search box to location set screen


  • Removed the control toggle in the Pending invitations table for monitoring users.


  • Fixed issue for VE.Direct LoRaWAN modules: Battery State “charging” was reported as “discharging”.
  • Fixed issue for VE.Direct LoRaWAN modules: Battery Time-To-Go was reported in minutes instead of hours.


  • Changed and adjusted graphs visual aspects: labels, transitions, z-indexes, etc.
  • Synchronised and aligned the graphs from the Advanced page.
  • Added a vertical synchronised bar on mouse/touch hover for the time graphs from the Advanced page.


  • System overview state of charge line and area moved on top of the columns for better visibility.


  • Improved timezone syncing from the CCGX to VRM


  • Added 'Reconnect' button to the Remote Console disconnected screen.


  • Increased stats API endpoint limits for intervals 15mins and hours. This used to be a maximum date range of 2 days, now it is increased to a maximum of 31 days.
  • Updated API docs to explain how to use access tokens


  • Textual changes and confirmation modals added for the General Settings.


  • Delete account with email input precaution.
  • Alarm logs now show in the timezone of the installation


  • Added a new column in the admin diagnostics pages: Data attribute code and replaced the Data attribute id column with the Data attribute code in the installation diagnostics page.


  • New widget added: Graph - System - PV Yield


  • Added battery/bms parameters 'High charge current alarm', 'High discharge current alarm', 'Cell Imbalance alarm', 'Internal error alarm' to the list of parameters being watched over by the Automatic alarm monitor. This fixes alarms like this not being shown in the Alarm log on VRM. Note that these alarms only show for devices that support these types of alarms. In this case that will be (some) lithium batteries such as BYD.


  • New widget added: Graph - Solar Charger Loadoutput Current
  • Displaying time to go only when necessary and accurate
  • Fixed a few Spanish and Portuguese translation terms


  • New widget added: System Overview - DC System


  • Timezone update using the gateway's timezone or user setting if it is not updated on the device
  • Added combined summary and graph widget type and an example for the Temperature Sensor


  • Adjusted GPS widget offering logic to show it only when are valid coordinates


  • Added icons for Charger and Temperature Sensor in device list
  • Show extended gateway information for all Venus OS devices


  • Added icons for Grid Meter in device list
  • Adjusted the API docs (added system overview command documentation)


  • Added instance id to the alarm wizard, so you can see the difference between devices better


  • Show stats of uploaded CCGX databases, so you know what happened
  • Only show total of PV Inverter Status if there are multiple phases
  • Only offer battery history widget if there is a BMV or Lynx shunt available
  • Optimized some InfluxDB queries


  • Added LoRaWAN module to add installation screen


  • Added more values to device list for PV inverter and VE.Bus
  • Improved share a site model, works better on your phone now


  • Instead of showing N/A on dashboard when a value is not available, we now fallback to other values if possible
  • Made some adjustments to the legend of live feed graph, to correctly reflect what is plotted
  • Hide the graph selector on the dashboard when only one graph is available


  • Altered the user overview of in installation so it works properly on your mobile phone
  • Made adjustments to installation overview, it now better reflects new gateway types and only shows data when it's there
  • State widgets, hours of AC calculation and GPS tracks download are now also loaded from Influx, reducing load times
  • Added a summary widget for Tanks on the advanced page


  • Changing the installation name is now reflected properly in the menu


  • Improved readability of VRM API docs


  • Fixed a possible issue while saving notes


  • Switched backend for graphs to Influx, greatly increasing load speed on advanced page


  • Fixed an issue where some share URLs did not work properly


  • Fixed an issue with the XLS export and more recent versions Office


  • Admins now must approve a new user when he/she adds an installation (first user of an installation can still add the installation directly)


  • You can now press and hold buttons on the remote console


  • Improved datepicker on advanced page


  • Enabled Venus GX on add installation page


  • To increase security, installation administrators now must approve new users that added that installation.


  • Added Remote on LAN IP to device list


  • Made error messages of alarm add wizard more clear


  • Dashboard now shows every hour on the x-axis of the graphs


  • Added a kWh download option on the advanced screen


  • Improved the speed of XLSX data downloads
  • Removed the total from the live feed graph, it did not make sense there (it is still there on the consumption and solar graphs)


  • Improved the add installation screen: it is now easier to add an installation for different device types
  • Make graph tooltips transparent so the underlying graph stays visible


  • Better error handling when the backend is unavailable


  • Added current month to year overview on dashboard


  • Fixed an issue where tooltips of the advanced tab graphs did not respect the installation timezone
  • Improvements to registration flow: autologin after e-mail has been verified
  • Improvements to reset password flow: autologin after password has been reset and prefill form with e-mailadress


  • Zoom state on advanced tab is now reset when a date range is selected that lies outside the zoom state range
  • Clicking on an installation name in the menu now directly leads to the installation dashboard, saves you a click when switching installations


  • Fixed an issue where the tags API endpoint could return an empty document


  • Added an option to disable the alarm rate limiter if it is active for your installation


  • Added an option to replace a broken CCGX with a new one. While keeping the old history.


  • Fixed an issue on Samsung Mobile devices that could cause the menu to disappear


  • Fixed an issue that caused some installations to disappear from Victron World
  • Fixed an issue where the current date was unselectable on the advanced tab
  • Improved the scaling of battery voltage graphs
  • Fix photo size on user uploaded photos
  • Added totals to the tooltips of the graphs on the dashboard page
  • Only show 'no data found' if we are not loading
  • Allow up to 64MB downloads for CCGX data files. Since these can also be zipped, 64MB is really lots of data (more than a year in most cases)


  • Fix some validation errors while creating an alarm through the wizard


  • Added an option to subscribe to the VRM newsletter on the landingpage


  • Fixed an issue where wrong translations could lead to KEY_NOT_FOUND errors
  • Increased the speed of the advanced tab by smarter loading of the graphs


  • Use last timestamp as Last connection info on top of advanced tab
  • Fix bug in alarm hysteresis validation


  • Fixed the Victron World link on the frontpage


  • Added genset data to AC source column on installation overview
  • Added multi phase support VE.BUS Warnings and alarms widget
  • Added last hour option to advanced tab date dropdown (with auto data reload every minute)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an error (Failed to process file) while uploading a CCGX file


  • Added ability to upload CCGX files in ZIP and GZIP format

2016-12-19 - Complete new version of the VRM Portal

2016 Nov. - New VRM API

The Juice API will be phased out in the coming time; there is no date yet.

The new API documentation is available here:


  • Added “Solar Charger Voltage and Current” graph to the advanced tab.


  • Added row indicating unit to the CSV- and Excel data downloads.


  • Updated Spanish translations.
  • Added “VE.Bus” prefix to “State” and “DC Voltage and Current” advanced tab items.


  • Renamed two items on the advanced tab:
    • “Warnings and Alarms” to “VE.Bus Warnings and Alarms”
    • “Historic data” to “Battery history”
  • Added production history data to the battery history block.


  • The AC Input and Output Frequency graphs now show horizontal grid lines every 10 Hz, for easy reference to the most common standard frequencies.


  • The Upload CCGX file now accepts data files with data older then 6 months.


  • Fixed an issue where on the last day (31) of the month, on the Solar Yield an Consumption tab, clicking the last month button would not display the data of the last month.


  • Remedied an issue where some graphs showed gaps in the data where no actual gaps in logging occured.


  • Site admins now have to possibility to permanently remove a site plus all its data.


  • The time range selected in the advanced tab is now persistent, so your preferred time range will stay selected across page reloads and even between different sites.


  • There is a new link on the top menu, Upload CCGX file. Use it to upload .sqlite files which are stored by the CCGX on a SDcard or USB stick. This fixes the issue where, even when configured to log to SDcard or USB-stick, it was necessary to first, only once, connect the CCGX to the internet. With the new change, you'll be able to add the site to your account a few minutes after uploading your data file. More information in the CCGX manual, chapter 2.2.2.


  • Alarms settings now allow for decimal and negative values.


  • Implemented a new login feature for use with the VRM app.


  • A lot of changes were implemented over the past few months to support the new Remote Console functionality, released with CCGX v1.30.


  • Increased the number of data points we load for all graphs, eliminating averaging of values in the graphs when viewing 24 hours of data.


  • Updated the Danish translations.


  • Significant performance improvement to data export; initial testing shows downloading a CSV file now takes up to ten times less time.
  • Fixed issues with the total line summing in graphs with overlapping gaps.


  • Also added the cumulative total line to the PV Inverter Yield graph.
  • Added a correction for the correct display of times in a graph which contain a change of time zone (due to DST).


  • Added a cumulative total line to graphs which contain summable data, which can be toggled using the label in the header of the graph.
  • Changed the layout of the PV Inverter widget to improve readability.
  • Fixed an issue with the VE.Bus State graph displaying non-existing data points when a gap in the data logging was detected.
  • Show absolute times instead of relative times when the last update is more than six hours ago.


  • Optimization in retrieval of yearly data for the solar yield and consumption graphs, reduced loading time from about 25 seconds to near zero.


  • Added initial support for the upcoming “Remote Console” functionality for CCGX-owners.


  • When available, connection identifiers (or instance numbers) are shown on the alarm log


  • Combined SOC and the TTG on the Battery status widget on the advanced tab: it fits in one widget so no longer scrolls
  • Entering Company name is no longer required for new users during registration
  • Remember filled out email on opening forgot password form


  • Fixed zooming out on any graph, not just the graph that the zoom was performed on.
  • Only zoom on the X-axis, making sure data is always in view on other graphs.
  • Only show one phase for frequency since they're all the same.
  • Fixed “today” button misbehaving when the page was open overnight.


  • Instead of having data for each phase on a separate tab, have it all together in one tab. Click the phase on the top to show/hide each phase. Adding a cumulative total as a stacked graph is also on the todo list.


  • Automatically determine the best number of x-axis ticks for the graphs. This fixes the weird looking times on the bottom of the graphs.


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