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GX - Fischer Panda generators

Fischer Panda generator can be connected to a GX Device, which makes it possible to monitor & operate the generator as well as automatically start and stop it.

The generator needs to be connected to the VE.Can port of the GX Device, which requires a Fischer Panda SAE J1939 module.


  • GX Device, with firmware v2.07 or later
  • Fischer Panda generator, xControl or iGenerator
  • Fischer Panda SAE J1939 CAN module (part number 0006107)
  • Fischer Panda FP-Bus to VE.Can adapter (part number 0023441)

Fischer Panda Firmware requirements:

  • iControl (for the iGenerator): v2.17 minimum
  • iControl panel: no minimum requirement
  • xControl (for the constant speed generators): 4V38 minimum
  • xContr panel: 4V29
  • Fischer Panda SAE J1939 CAN module: 2V05
  • Fischer Panda three phase module: 4V0b



The schematic below shows how to connect a Fischer Panda xControl generator.


The schematic below shows how to connect a Fischer Panda iControl generator.

:!: Important: Operation of the generator is only possible and allowed when the xControl or the iControl panel is switched on.

GX Device

In Settings → Services, the selected canbus profile must be one that says NMEA2000. (The default).

When all wiring is complete and the setup has been correctly carried-out, the Fischer Panda will show up in the device list:

Entering the Fischer Panda device on the menu reveals a page like this:

Notice that it features an on/off switch as well as displaying status information, and the main AC parameters: voltage, current and power.

Engine temperature, RPM and additional information are all available by entering the Engine sub menu item.

Generator start/stop

In addition to the manual start/stop and monitoring, there is also an automatic start/stop feature. This has the same comprehensive range of options as the Generator start/stop feature associated with the GX relay. See generator_start_stop for the manual.


Whenever performing maintenance on the generator, be sure to stop the generator from the Fischer Panda control panel. This will disable the Fischer Panda autostart feature, and ensures that the generator cannot be remotely started - by a CCGX, for example.

When the maintenance is completed, make sure you enable the autostart feature again. You can do this on the Fischer Panda control panel in the menu generator → autostart → turn on / off.


The Marine MFD HTML5 app (more information here) also contains an element which allows monitoring as well as control of the Fischer Panda generator:


I've set the mode of the genset to 'On' or 'Auto start/stop' but the generator is not starting/running.

Make sure the Fischer Panda autostart feature is on, this allows the GX control the remote on/off of the genset. You can find this option on the control panel in the menu generator → autostart → turn on / off.

If you're manually trying to start the genset, a toast message appears with the text AutoStart functionality is currently disabled, enable it on the genset panel in order to start the genset from this menu.

If the generator auto start/stop is enabled, it will show error #1 Remote switch control disabled on the Auto start/stop page.

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