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1. Introduction

By connecting an ABB/FIMER PV Inverter and Color Control GX (CCGX) together you will be able to:

  1. See ABB/FIMER information on the CCGX.
  2. Monitor the ABB/FIMER inverter on the VRM Portal.
  3. Allow the Victron system to control the output power, Zero feed-in. This uses the same mechanism used for Fronius PV inverters. See the ESS manual, chapter 2.1.3 Fronius Zero feed-in for details.
  4. Frequency shift power control, as explained in AC-Coupling system also works.

2. Supported models

Models that are known to work are:

Model Comments
TRIO-TM-50/60 Works
PVS-100/120 Works
PVS-10/12.5/15/20/30/33/50/60 Works

3. Configuration

Please consult the manual that came with your ABB/FIMER PV inverter. This explains how to connect your ABB/FIMER inverter to the network using either an Ethernet or a WiFi connection. You can also use the “INSTALLER FOR SOLAR INVERTERS” app. Available on Apple and Android.

Commissioning the inverter can be done in two ways. You can use the app or you can log in to the webserver and do it on the inverter.

When using the app, simply scan the QR code for the WiFi access and follow instructions on the app. This can be used to program multiple inverters simultaneously.

When using the webserver, follow instructions below:

  1. Switch on DC power to inverter (leave AC off).
  2. Using a web browser, connect to the inverter's web user interface.
  3. Follow the steps in the wizard.
  4. Obtain the admin plus password from your distributor.
  5. Enter the inverter AC settings.
  6. Set up the frequency shift and ramp control accordingly.
  7. Switch on AC and test operation of system.

4. Adding the ABB inverter to the CCGX

  1. In the CCGX, navigate to Settings and then the PV Inverters section.
  2. Select Scan in the CCGX menu, and after completion go into the Inverters submenu to see the results. If scanning does not find the inverter, manually add the IP address of the ABB/FIMER inverter.
  3. Once located, you will see the Inverters listed in the menu. The name used will be the serial number of the inverter.
  4. Configure the position relative to the Multi or Quattro (is it: AC Input / AC Output); and the phase for each inverter in the list.
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