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What are Assistants?

Think of Assistants as apps, like on a smart phone. They are little applications that can run inside a VE.Bus Multi, Inverter or Quattro. They reduce the overall cost of a system: in 99% of all installations it will not be necessary to add an additional PLC to get for example load shedding, optimizing use of solar energy or automatically starting and stopping a genset.

In advanced systems you can also combine multiple assistants, it can even be usefull to add an assistant multiple times. As the Assistant logic is executed from top to bottom, it allows to make quite complex logic.

To get a better understanding, read the list of available assistants.

I don't see the Assistants tab, how do I get it?

A VE.Bus products must be loaded with 2xx or 3xx firmware in order to get the Assistants tab. Note that running these firmware versions disables the use of the Virtualswitch tab, and also that for 95% of all Victron installations it is not necessary to run Assistants at all. More information is available in our PDF VE.Bus firmware versions explained.

How can I play around with Assistants?

  • Start VEConfigure3, available for download from our software page. Look for the link called VE Configure Tools.
  • Then go to 'Port selection' in the menu and choose 'Fake target with full options':
  • After that, select the voltage for your fake system
  • Done. You will now see both tabs, Virtual switch and Assistants. On a real system there will always be one of both, depending of firmware type loaded.

Note that it is even possible to make a fake three-phase system, using VE.Bus System Configurator.

What is next?

To keep posted on new Assistant developments, subscribe to our blog on

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